Martin Indiana RMC trumpet

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    Feb 4, 2009
    I took a flyer and picked up a Martin Indian trumpet. I own a 1946 committee and understand that the indiana is a student horn and the heratage. The Indiana was cheap and in very good shape. The bore size is .468 roughly. I did not know if it was standard for these to be larger bore horns. Very little info on the subject on the internet. The finish is like new. I suspect the horn is from the mid 60's but cannot find any serial number data anywhere. If anyone could offer some input about this model it would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Here is one thing: [TPIN] FS: Martin Indiana Trumpet--Great Jazz horn--similar to Committees

    Here is a TM thread with relevant info if you sift for it.

    Martin SN# 76932 Indiana SWEET LIKE NEW!: HornTrader

    I don't have any personal knowledge of the instrument. All the info I have listed is from googling Martin Indiana trumpet.

    MARTIN INDIANA TRUMPET - LIKE COMMITTEE - eBay (item 280309175789 end time Feb-08-09 07:53:38 PST) EBay ad now running
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    Feb 4, 2009
    Thanks you very much for the info! I appreciate it.
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    Nov 5, 2008
    You see them on Ebay every once and while. From what I understand you either love them or hate. I have heard some say they are student models and I have heard some say that they are far better then a student horn. I suspect that peoples opinions vary. Their are plenty of horns that some label as student models and other label differently. I think the one thing to keep in mind is how an instrument was marketed has nothing to do with how it will actualy perform for you.
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    My name is Chris and my Grandfather Fred Holtz was President of Martin Band Instruments thru the 30's and 40's. He joined the Company in 1921 as Sales Manager. Despite other common information on the web, in 1928, Martin's owner and G.M. Orville Bassett and my Grandad created The Indiana Band Instrument Company in an effort to market their product to a wider audience. Though primarily a paper company, IBICO was a channel for horns, made in the Martin plant by the same craftsmen who produced the Martin Committee, targetted to those not able to afford the high end product. Conn did the same with their Pan American line, and likewise, Buescher with Elkhart Band Instruments. Generally, rather than a lower quality horn, these instruments were retired models from prior years brought back to life and sold a a lower cost. The Indiana (later Indiana Chieftan)line used a separate serial number ledger than the Martin-labeled horns. This ledger can be seen here: "The Martin Story - Serialnumberlist" under the 'range2' category. I should add that, in 1942 as the plant was switched over to war production, Martin dropped the Indiana Band Instrument Company label and tagged the postwar horns as "Indiana by Martin". The line continued, however, into the 60's until the failed purchase by RMC in 1963. I do not know if under the Wurlitzer name, any further Indiana production went forward.

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