Masonic type Ivan help please.

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Cornyandy, Sep 20, 2013.

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    Jan 9, 2010
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    Musicmasonic type Ivan help please.

    Well you might guess I have a tech issue with my DEG signiture cornet. If I start about 3 weeks ago I took the thing easily up to G above the Stave about top of where I go with a cornet. Came back down and the thing was stuffy as anything, frowned realised that the area round the main water key was soaking, had the corks replaced. It was okay except for a huge tendancy to give me the old "Cracked Record" full of water sound very quickly. Upshot of everything there is water collecting in the bottom of the 2nd valve casing, actually it's running like a tap if I give the horn a shake.. Then Wednesday night while I was teaching I felt air round my right hand. I gave the instrument to my student who said basicaly that ain't right. The valves are still buttery smooth and fast but there is a lot of plating wear on 2nd.

    It's not a huge issue because I have got a new cornet coming today (the big sister of my new trumpet) so I have an instrument (All praise the Royal Bank of Mother and her Credit Card) but I can't make my mind up as whether to throw good money after bad on the DEG. (Bearing in mind for the last year I have been very happy with it) Any thoughts would be really appreciated.

    Thanks Guys
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    Well, it's leaking from somewhere...could be one of your tuning slide legs, could be your valves. Take your first valve slide off, depress the first valve and blow, then, put your thumb over the tube which has air coming out of it... Probably the top tube. Then, tightly hold your thumb over that tube depress all the valves and blow. Ideally, it should be very hard to blow with very minimal air leakage. If you can hear air moving or worse, feel it, something is wrong. You can try to figure out where the leak is coming from, but you'll have to take it to a tech anyway for them to fix it. If it is a tuning slide leg or waterkey leaking, easy fix. If it is your valves, maybe not worth fixing on a deg. But, I have had good luck with Hetmans classic oil on old valves.
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    Interesting description. First I would say that cornets tend to me more forgiving of valve wear than trumpets, and also that wear related symptoms don't suddenly appear. Water in the bottom of the casing is not from the air column unless there are holes in the valve elbows. What is the weather like? Is there a sudden cold spell (Oh dear, asking a Yorkshireman about weather.....) which will cause a greater amount of of condensation.

    Get a plastic tube to connect over the mouthpiece receiver, hold a sink plug into the bell, and immerse the instrument in water, finger buttons up. Blow gently into the tube and watch to see where the air bubbles are escaping. This will give you a clue about any holes, splits, or excessive wear.
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    Dec 22, 2008
    Agree with mason on valve job. It is a DEG so I wouldn't put the loot into it!
  5. Cornyandy

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    East Yorkshire
    Thanks guys I'll have a look at some different oil and try out the leak tests suggested, I really don't want to put money into it so we'll see. Actually the weather has just changed for the worse so that might be having a bearing.

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