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  1. oj

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    Sep 9, 2005
    I first met Mick Hesse in 1977. It was at a seminar with Bud Herseth on
    Hedemarkstoppen in Hamar, Norway. 70 brass players attended. The
    organizer was trumpeter and professor Harry Kvebæk. Mick was part of
    the arranging group and did also take part as a player in the
    different sessions.

    30 years later in 2007, I learned that Mick had published a book for
    trumpet and cornet. I contacted Mick and asked if he would let med do
    an interview about his book project. The next day got a reply - in
    Norwegian (Mick had lived for many years over here). "I'm in Peru on
    vacation", he said, "but when I get back we can do the interview".

    During the last days of January 2008, we had a "cyber talk":

    An interview with Mick Hesse


    A few days ago he told me he is coming to Norway in May 2008. I look forward to that!
  2. tatakata

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    May 29, 2007
    i like your interviews. thanks
  3. oj

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    Sep 9, 2005
    .. and I like Mick's book a lot.... ;-)

    The book made me understand Stamp (bending) much better. I use it every day now.

    Btw, it was Mick who helped me arrange a miniseminar with John Taber (a Stamp student) in 1977. That was the first time I tried the Stamp exercises.

    Taber had the manuscript that Stamp prepared for the BIM editon. I still have a copy of that manuscript (plus several editons of the BIM book).

    Here is a photo (left to right) of Bud Herseth, John Taber, Bruce Rhoten and Mich Hesse from 1977:

    I think they was working on Mahler 5th.


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