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    Aug 28, 2005
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    As a high school student, many very long years ago, I was sent to Interlochen National Music Camp on scholarship for two summers. One summer we had a guest instructor who was so fantastic that I still claim that he was the best trumpeter ever to draw breath. I am personally convinced that he is now playing duets with Gabriel. His contention was that any piece being prepared for concert MUST BE rehearsed until it could be played from memory with absolute perfection. I still subscribe to that formula. It certainly helps to be able to watch my condutor all of the way through each chart.

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    When I was in college Woody Herman came with his band and worked with us.
    He said, " When the band leader calls out number 202 and you think, not that one again; That's when your just starten to get it".
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    Then, years later and you think "O boy, 202 again!," then you've gotten it. I think.
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    Lol :-) but correct i think :-)

    I did a test, recording, playing an etude i knew by heart twice.
    Once with the music in front of me, and the other time without the music.
    The one without the sheet music in front sounded significantly better, although i did not hear the difference while playing!!
    Even when i thought that i was not looking at the sheet, you're still distracted. I heard once, that 'seeing' takes up 70% of the energy of the senses... So if you can put that energy in your ears...
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    Jun 30, 2007
    Hi there,

    I agree absolutely with what all the other guys have said but you asked for any stories we might have. Well here's one. Many years ago now when I was principal cornet of the Humberside Police Concert Band in England I was down to play a solo in a forthcoming concert. As always I chose the piece and set out to prepare it and, yes, to memorise it. My first real cornet teacher always played solos out front without the encumberance of a sheet or two of music in front of him. It had always been my ambition to emulate his playing but unfortunately have never quite got as good as him. Anyway the concert came and I got up on my feet in front of my 30 plus colleagues and a large audience and set off. Everything was going perfectly and in my mind that's what I started thinking until, halfway through, I was aware of a stony silence behind me. The silence was broken by my assistant principal saying "D, D - the cadenza!" It suddenly registered that I ought to play the cadenza that linked into the second half of the piece. So I did and we got through to the end all together. How long that silence was I have no idea whatsoever but I tell you this it seemed like a lifetime and took me a long time to live down with the rest of the band!

    Suffice to say I didn't do any stunning feats of memory for quite a time thereafter but eventually my confidence rebuilt and I started to play solos without the music. Fortunately I've never forgotten the dots again!


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