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    trumpetking sez:
    I know 10 of the scales,
    This may look a little outside the topic of memorization but a tool that's at your fingertips and useful in learning your way around the horn.
    Great news! You actually have 70 scales under your belt.
    Here's how it works:
    From C to C is the major scale right? Its also called the Ionian scale.
    D to D in the key of C is a Dorian scale
    E to E in the key of C is a Phrygian scale
    F to F in the key of C is a Lydian
    G to G in the key of C is a Mixolydian
    A to A in the key of C is a Aolean
    B to B in the key of C is a Locrian
    This works for all 10 of the scales you know.

    The purpose of telling you about this is so it can be practiced. You have to learn your way around the horn and get the sounds in your ears. You must develop physical and aural dexterity. Here's a little game you can play if you have a person you can play with. The other person can have any instrument. You copy them in your register " the trumpet register".
    Have the person play a small pattern. You play the pattern back perfectly. If you don't then you get one point. Take turns, first one to 10 loses.
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    yes wolman please ignore my posts - and please do not respond
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    A shill is a person who is paid to help another person or organization to sell goods or services. The shill pretends to have no association with the seller/group and gives onlookers the impression that he or she is

    wolfmann may be refering to my endorsing John Lynch and Asymmetric Mouthpieces, and Keith Fiala -- who have both helped me tremendously ---I will continue to tell my viewpoint.

    rowuk can probably verify that I have only 1 account on TM -- just my guess.

    oh and if wolfmann reads this -- which he stated he will ignore my posts...Please Mr. wolfmann look at the man in the mirror in the morning and ask him(you), why you are so angry - if one of you answers --- at least one of you will be right!!

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