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    Each of the lower notes is a pickup, going into the melody, and don't think about accenting them too much. Take it slow at first if you need to
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    Steady John,

    Absolutely unnecessarily direct, IMHO. I've yet to read anything other than constructive comment from ROWUK, which all seems to have been made with your best interests in mind. May I suggest that you try and re-read the comments and try and take any pre-conceived prejudicial ideas out of your interpretation - if you like, read them all again as if someone other than ROWUK has written them, and then ask if the comment would then give offence - I rather think not. Don't cut off your nose ..... .

    And no, I mean no offence, I just suspect that you may be throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    I am aware that ROWUK does not need me batting in his corner, but I'm begining to see some of your comments as being mildy offensive in tone. :shhh:

    Please, you obviously have much experience to offer, but milder language might be more appropriate for we the other observers.
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    "Oh and again your antics are not detering me from enjoying an otherwise great sight minus you! In fact I often agree with most of your post's when not in my thread's since in mine you are never constructive you just like to act like a not so nice guy. Get over yourself and if you do not have anything constructive to say please stay away my thread's becasue you just getting in the way of an otherwise excellent thread!"

    Wow! Dude, once again YOU are out of line. Here's Rowuk's entire post:

    "Arban is the standard by which all other methods can be judged. There is "almost" everything one needs. What is missing is the chapter on jazz...It is a CONSERVATORY method and was written to be taught with a teacher not as a DIY adventure."

    Guess what? He's CORRECT! His information was accurate and concise, and NOWHERE did he offer an insult or derogatory remark. YOU are the one who is spamming this board with multiple, rambling threads about nothing and expecting the rest of us to be tolerant and kind.
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    As a daily reader and infrequent poster, I am somewhat reluctant to join the fray, but for what it's worth, Rowuk's input, comments, advice are among the most thoughtful and well reasoned on this site.

    As for Arban's, I believe it would be nearly impossible to learn the lessons without a competent teacher. Arban's simply gets too complex for a beginning student and without adequate explanation it could quickly become a source of great frustration instead of great accomplishment.
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    Arban's is definately the mainstay of trumpet method books. However, it is and has to be difficult for one to attempt to utilize Arbans without a teacher, especially beginners and "comeback" players.

    For those that wish to attempt this undertaking I would recommend getting a set of CDs from Clyde Hunt that has Arbans recorded and you can play an exercise and then listen to the CD to see if you played it correctly.

    Trumpet methods, Pedagogy, CD recordings, and sheet music
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    Tony Rapacciuolo has them too right here --->Mp3
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    Thanks for the info. I listened to the studies I have been working on. Very useful, especially the turns. This is a real help as I have no instructor. Great site.
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    Oct 16, 2008

    In that case can anyone recommend a good DIY method book?
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    That's the way - leap the hurdles. :play:

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