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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by lovevixen555, Dec 31, 2008.

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    Off the original topic but relevant to this thread.

    What ever anyone thinks about Rowuk, I think we all have to acknowledge that he knows what he is talking about. He puts a lot of time in here that he doesn't have to.

    As far as picking on someone:
    We have to be careful on here about interpreting inflections that may not be there. We can get the facts from this site but it's hard to get emotions. We can't hear yelling or whispering or up or down. It's really easy to read a line and make it harsh in our mind by adding what the Internet or written word can't.

    When we ask for help, we have to believe that the person giving the advice is answering in our best interest.
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    I dont want to get involved in any argument that might be arising, so i will just ask a quick question if i may. Is there a book of piano accompaniments to the Arban solo's like Carnival of Venice and Caprice and Variations? Or are they just study pieces?
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    Google-- "Eric Bolvin Music Studios".--Gar
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    We all like the Arbans due to the fact that most of us grew up "biting" our teeth in it. I still have my original Arbans from 1959 (with a little tape keeping it together).

    However, when I start a beginner student, I will use the Rubank Elementary Method and suppliment it with the Essential Element 2000 Series by Hal Leonard. If the student is serious and looks to continue I will have them get an Arbans but also the Intermeditate Method by Rubank and for my advanced students I like Clarke's Technichal Studies.

    Another good method book for beginners is Rubank Supplimentary Studies.

    My former and yes, my present instructor who I still see once a month, has method books that he likes and copies pages for me to study.

    But ultimately as we can tell from this string, everyone still revolves around Arbans since it has all of the basics and let's face it, we are comfortable with it.
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    Thanks Rich great site!:thumbsup:
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    Goodevening, I posted "Eric Bolvin",because after 40 years in trumpet hibernation, I found one of his books in a music store in San Jose,Ca. where I live. I looked up his website to learn he gave lessons,wrote books,and had internet material on his website.I meet with him weekly for an hour at his studio where he teaches and at the end we play duets together.We play from 4 books that you all probably know and use.
    1 Arbain's - the authentic edition
    2. H.L. Clark - technical studies
    3. Bugs Bower -Rhythm complete
    4. Eric Bolvin -Tongue Level & Air for * Sound in all registers
    * Endurance
    I hope this can help any and all,that wants to be the best they can be.
    Happy New Year ---Gar
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    hi rowuk,
    Sorry someone was mean to you. You're right about Arban. Ask anybody who is somebody with the trumpet about Arban and the answer will be the same. A great text worth having. Maynard bragged about it. That's good enough for me!!!

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