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    Doubtless some of you may know that Canada is still thrashing about trying to adopt the metric system. (It's fun to say that you're doing 110 LEGALLY!) What most of you probably don't realize is that this also affects the way we look at time. The following memo was distributed in one of our larger corporations in an attempt to explain the effects this would have on the workplace. Would anyone who understands it please raise their hand.



    Doubtless you will have read in the national press, that from midnight on the 2nd of April, 1988, the whole of Canada except Ottawa will be converting to metric time.

    From that date there will be 10 seconds to the minute, 10 minutes to the hour, 10 hours to the day and so on, delineated according to the following table:

    Old Time New Time
    1 second 1 milliday
    1 minute 1 centiday
    1 hour 1 deciday (or millimonth)
    1 day 1 day
    1 week 1 decaday
    1 month 1 hectoday
    1 year 1 kiloday

    Obviously, from THE FIRM'S standpoint, due to the fact that one hour (deciday) represents 5/12 of an old one, staff might be expected to work longer hours, viz 3-1/2 decidays or millimonths per day. However, as this is inconvenient for administration and payroll purposes, it is intended that the luncheon break will be shortened by 1/3 of a new hour, thus making a total daily working time of 4 new hours.

    It is not expected at this time that compensatory uplift will be made to salaries, except in the case of leap kilodays, where an adjustment will be made at the end of the hectoday every 1.46 decamonths. Overtime meal vouchers will be issued to non-management hectodaily roll employees for the time worked in excess of 5/6 of the deciday, provided approval from the management has been obtained beforehand.

    The Pension Scheme will not be affected but superkilodayuation will be adjusted accordingly.

    A further bulletin will be issued closer to Deciday but, if these arrangements present difficulties or if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your immediate supervisor.


    Leave will be affected only so far as the change to metric time is concerned and no one shall be worse off than previously. Thus if an employee was entitled to 22 days off (old time) he will now be entitled to 220 decidays or one hectoday plus 20 decidays for every hectoday over and above 20 kilodays service since the 10th deciday of the 3rd hectoday of 1954.

    Dominion Day will accordingly be reduced to 5 decidays (6 south of the 49th parallel) but 10 demidecidays will be added where relevant to the Christmas Break which will be moved, after 27 hectodays, to Labour Day to take advantage of the longer shopping decidays. Labour Day is cancelled.

    The term "a month of Sundays" is not to be used on official documents. The correct term will be "a hectoday of Decidays".
    Your immediate supervisor has been alloted 3 centidays per capita to clarify any points which may arise prior to Deciday.


    Is that perfectly clear? (No wonder Larry couldn't figure out how to get "pressure" out of "distance"!)
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    I showed this to the guy who does the electrical equipment calibration for us.
    He went pale as a ghost.
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    Ed, I think we might have to get you a drummer for your comedy act! Is this one of the ways you are funding your Eclipse habit?

    Enjoy your holiday, safe travels and skiing!
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    Naaa, I'm just putting these here to help out working_kirk. :)

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