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    One of the sources I use for obtaining music to practice on is that collection of sites which post midi files. Many of these are offered "free" for use by their authors. When you download the midi file, you can frequently "read" it into a music program which will sort out the various tracks and produce a "score" to work from. From that point it is relatively easy to find the lead track and even do some rearranging for different orchestration (say a trumpet choir).

    Although there seems to be considerable debate over the "pure legality" of some music "sharing", it appears that midi files that have been hand-entered and that are offered by their posters as "free" for use are not going to be very high (if they exist at all) on the copyright lawyers' "radar screens".

    Provided none of the music is performed "for profit", but is used solely for "educational purposes", I can't see where it would be illegal to do so. Mind you, copyright and performance laws seem to differ greatly from country to country and this very fact is one of the things that is being used to keep "music sharing" in the limelight by copyright lawyers. (Where there is confusion, there is a buck to be made).

    Anyway.... I'm using Noteworthy Composer for software. I've got PrintMusic as well as Finale but the latter two just aren't flexible enough for me (OK...I've got a "learning curve" issue with them...what the heck is a "Mass Mover"? and why can't I pick just one stave out of the set that I want to change the key of the instrument for?).

    I've just come across this website which is posted out of Spain and which contains some rather interesting stuff. Does anyone else have a collection of midi sites? TM...how about a separate forum for music/equipment/performer related sites?

    http://www.monkhia.com/Comp/monkhmark.html (Click on "Comps Marva")

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