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Discussion in 'TM Lounge' started by pwillini, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. pwillini

    pwillini Pianissimo User

    Mar 4, 2004
    Kalamazoo, MI
    Don't know where to put this so I'll go here!

    When and where is this? Does anyone have the website so I can check it out?

  2. trumpet blower88

    trumpet blower88 Mezzo Piano User

    Jun 15, 2005
    Flagstaff, AZ
    I love this time of year! Both of my directors from school are going, wich means, Substitute teacher for the week!!! And of course since I'm going to be majoring in Music Education next year in college I get to play teacher for the week, and direct the band. It's going to be fun, I actualy know what I'm doing this time, not like 3 years ago in Jr. High when I had the oppertunity to conduct...
  3. cornetguy

    cornetguy Mezzo Forte User

    Sep 12, 2005
    Saint Paul, MN
    i usuallyt go, but this year it is so early i cant get the time off, plus i have to go to a wedding down there in january and cant afford to fly twice in 6 weeks. (wont even think about driving from st paul to chicago at this time of year for obvious reasons)

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