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    It happens to me, often times Ive been referred to as looking like a frog. Its funny, for a long time people told me that i played with a closed sound, and i go off, do everything the same, play my horn in front of a professional trumpet player, and he tells me i have an amazing tone. it blows me away. i think i have trouble blending in with other trumpet players which really sucks, but... ive alway been a fan of solo playing. idk. closed, open? whatevvs, its all about sounding like the people youre playing with id say.
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    nobody said that you had to LIKE my posts. It just happens to be true that puffing out the neck is NOT something to emulate. Those that happen to do it aren't going to trumpet hell, but they achieve NOTHING. It is NOT an open throat. Any basic knowledge of the human body shows that the throat (trachea) is NOT flexible. A puffy neck is not an open throat.

    By the way, voice (counter tenor) was a minor of mine in music school and the perfect head position also applies to the trumpet - It happens to be a position where a minimum of neck muscles are required to balance the head. That results in MUCH less upper body tension which is the real problem that is addressed. The myth of a closed throat has slowed down so many players with useless exercizes. 2 basic yoga lessons would accomplish more in getting the body/neck/head into where it belongs. You can prove this to yourself: Look closely in a mirror when you move your head up and down. Do you see your throat bending, the trachea changing diameter? Nope. Feel the tension when looking up or down? yup. Hear your voice change when speaking softly and looking up and down? yup. It's TENSION, the #1 evil! It is not size of the throat.

    So my suggestion before you get excited is to research the human body a bit better and don't mix the truth up with myths.

    As far as moving air, there you are wrong again. Yes, we move air, but no where near what many would imagine. We have often gone through this myth. When a smoker takes a puff and starts to play, it takes almost a minute for anything to come out the front of the horn. Calculate the volume of air in a trumpet. If we were "moving" air, this would happen very quickly. The air that moves is only enough to keep us from suffocating. It is an intentional inefficiency in the horn. When we are playing high notes, even LESS air is moving. The backpressure from the horn/mouthpiece (due to increasing efficiency) supports the lips (even more so with a shallow mouthpiece) that we blow against, compressing the lip tissue and letting us play at higher frequencies. Need more proof? If we are moving that much air, spit would never collect in the horn - we would blow it straight through!

    If you look at the size of the throat on the mouthpiece and the size of the aperature of your lips while playing, you will also realize that they are very small compared to the throat, that would negate any need for an even bigger tube to transport the air that is REALLY required.

    The confusion is because most do not know how a trumpet even works. It does not "amplify" the lip buzz. The buzz sets up a resonance in the horn and that resonance is acoustically "transformed".

    I have yet to ruin a player, but have helped rescue many, also here at TM by cutting though the lies, myths and BS. Most of this happens by PM to prevent flames. As to my suitability as a teacher, you obviously have not spent any time thinking about what I actually said or why I said it. That kind of disqualifies the opinion. Next time you have an issue, pm me. With an open mind I am sure that we can find common ground.
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    Uhhhhh miles davis's NECK !!! What are you talkin about !!!

    Rowuk your a pompous ASS !!! What Drivel you emulate...........
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    rowuk sez:
    nobody said that you had to LIKE my posts.
    WHAT!!! A representative of yours (a guy from Greece calling himself Mephostopholese) Told me I would get coupons for a discount at Footlocker if I agreed with you enough.
    That'll teach me. Never trust a guy with horns.
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    hoghorn's contribution to this thread? trolls put body parts in all caps...
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    Hoghorn: Just settle down
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    Hoghorn, if I told you to not to jump off the cliff, would you call me a pompous ass?

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    Don't feed the trolls:bleah::shhh:
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    That is very wise. :play:
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    No! No! No! the contraction is .... you're ..... from you are ......

    not ...... your a pompous .....

    If you're (see) going to poke the Borax at least get the language correct.

    And I think you're (see) wrong in other respects with this post too. ;-)

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