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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by shooter, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. lovevixen555

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    Nov 5, 2008
    Getzen is makeing Bugles again and they have joined forces with some group that is vetran based that is their to try and provide bugler for vetran's geting their Military Funeral. I saw the info on thier site so maybe if you email them they can put you in touch with this group. I am sure they would be happy to have anyone help even if you where not in the service! It is an honor to be asked to do anything at someones funeral let alone help provide full milatary honors. I have even considered it since I got my bugle badge in Boy Scouts so long ago it only seems like the right thing to do. I do not know if you have to use a bugle or if you can use a trumpet. Either way that volateer group would be able to tell you and might even have bugles on hand. Their is a serious shortage though this much I know!
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    Nov 22, 2003
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    Bugles Across America is a wonderful internet organization. It lines up civilian or military buglers/trumpeters to volunteer to perform Taps at military funerals. It was started to fight the idea of recordings being used instead of live buglers.

    It is free to join and they will contact you via e-mail for any funerals in your area that need live buglers. They give all the necessary information for you to decide if you will be able to fulfill the particular need. You may accept if your schedule permits or simply ignore the e-mail if unable to participate.

    I highly recommend the group.

    When my father passed (Korean Conflict Veteran) I asked the funeral director if a live bugler was set as part of the honor guard and if not, then I wished to do Taps. He said yes, that it had all been arranged. The graveside service began and I sat with the family.
    Indeed a bugler was there but before he raised the bugle to play he reached inside the bell and switched on a CD player inside the horn. Needless to say I was thunderstruck. My sister's grip almost paralized my thigh! The funeral director also was dumbfounded. He had been told it was all set. Needless to say, we were not happy but remained calm and sedate for the remainder of the funeral.

    On the good side.....

    My family met later that day at dusk at the grave site and I went up on the hill and did Taps for real for my dad. It actually was sort of extra special that I was able to do this and we all have a special memory about that day.

    When I returned to Florida, I immediately joined Bugles Across America.


    Bill Dishman
    Gainesville, Florida
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    Oct 22, 2008
    I believe you're talking about the Getzen Field Trumpet (Getzen : Trumpet : Field Trumpet). It is sold at a discount to members of Bugles Across America. I'm a member. It's a great way to show respect to veterans.

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    Jun 25, 2008
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    bugles across america seems like a very interesting resource, i am definitely going to look into this. i used to take great pride in playing taps representing my high school during memorial day ceremonies in my home town.

    jrfIII, let me know what you come up with. i'd love to volunteer for the new gloucester county veterans cemetary, which is five minutes from practice on wednesdays.
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    As a member of Bugles Across America and as a retired miltary veteran I sound taps,( please note that I did NOT type "played" ), at many military veterans funerals and at two local cemetaries on Memorial Day. I use one of my trumpets and show up dressed all in black. I inform the relatives that there is no fee for my services and am polite enough to not refuse an envelope from them after the service. I consider this a gift from the family and do not refuse, as this would be a slap in the face for them at a time of great emotional stress. Any funds that I recieve are used to defray my expenses for travel and the balance donated to a local home for veterans. I am quite often asked to 'play' a favored and situation appropriate hymn during the funeral service. I do this with personal joy. Because of the cost for my travel, sometimes as much as 100 miles each way, I limit my services to that distance, thinking that there are many other trumpeters located more closely to the service than I. I also inform the family of the decedant that in the event that no other 'bugler' can be contracted for the job, I will still travel up to a maximum of 200 miles.

    Locally, in Kent County of Michigan our American Legion has an Honor guard that takes almost all of the funerals in this county. They use an 'electronic bugle', which offends me. I have been offered the opportunity to join this Honor Guard to use a real trumpet, but, because of the number of funerals each day that I would be required to make myself available for,( up to 5, average of 3 ),and the cost to join this unit and pay annual dues, and purchase one of their uniforms, I have graciously declined.


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