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    Just wanted to be random...........
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    I've met the current US Army band recruiter, Sgt. Pyne. He would be the one to get ahold of if you are looking to do this as a career. It can be very fulfilling, but it is true that the level of musicianship goes up as the number of musician jobs goes down.
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    I've been a Navy fleet musician for 18yrs. When I first joined, there were people in my section who had never had a lesson before the Navy, never were good enough for an All State audition, and didn't play as well as I did in middle school. These days, the majority of our people have graduate degrees, and play beautifully! As gigs become more scarce and college loans harder to pay off, we get better and better players. Lately, our trumpet quota has been zero, so even if you pass the audition with flying colors you may be waiting a while for an opening! That being said, our bands are pretty darned good right now.
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