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  1. Vstern

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    Jul 25, 2010
    Advanced Lip Flexibilities (Complete)
    Vol. 1, page 11, #7

    It's essentially just a bunch of slurs for each valve and the combinations, and goes no higher than first C above the staff. At one point for the open measures, you go from G above staff to Bb. For valve 2, you go from F# top line, to A natural. Is it "cheating" to use the normal combination (1+2 rather than 2 for A above staff)? Otherwise I have to try and slur up several times to get it.

    Also, sometimes I have problems slurring up or down. For instance, when I slur up from 3rd space C to E, I may go up to G instead. In addition, concerning an exercise in the same book, G above the staff to Bb became G to C. I spend about 10 minutes doing slurs from this book, which is about the time for the entire exercise.

    Finally, when I play a while without more than a few measures of rest, I will start to leak saliva and make the mouthpiece slippery, which is annoying. And when I started playing staccato intensive exercises, there would be a lot of saliva in the cup. That has been improving, but the mouthpiece still gets slippery when I play for a while, which makes it a little difficult to play. How do I remedy this? I have tried aiming the horn down a little, but that doesn't help a lot.
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    Back up a couple of pages (or more!). If you have to twist your face to get through, you are doing more damage than good.

    With all of those clear clues that you are ignoring, I would suggest finding a teacher that will keep you on a diet within your means.

    Lipslurs should be really relaxed.
  3. Satchmo Brecker

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    Jul 19, 2010
    If you're "missing" the E, or especially the Bb and hitting the high C, maybe you're not ready for that range yet. For myself, overshooting a note like your doing, or similarly when I hit all the intervening notes when I'm doing leaps (like low C to 4th space E) means I haven't practiced enough and my ear isn't trained enough.
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    Best Advise so far, as this has worked for me, BACKUP a few pages!!! :thumbsup:

    TEACHER !!! TEACHER !!!! :thumbsup:

    I have been doing these for about 18 months and sometimes I get to anxious about hitting a certain note. Must remind myself that I'm one of those that has to work a little harder and smarter then most!!

    Backing up has really helped me, also seeking a Teacher was also a tremendous help even if all you get out of it is inspiration - I was lucky enough to see Arturo Sandoval for a lesson, in that one lesson not only have I improved in range but tone is where I want it, the inspriration was a bonus!!

    Hard Work !! No substitute!!

    You will get it!!!:play:

    My humble opinion!!!
  5. catello

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    Wow - a lesson with Sandoval. He did a free concert here in Central Florida a few months back and it was great just to hear him play live. I can understand why you found inspriation from a lesson with him.
  6. Bob Grier

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    May 4, 2007
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    Only a teacher can show how to do it.
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    Jul 25, 2010
    Thanks everyone.

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