Mnozil Brass...GREATEST EVER!!!

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by trumpetjens, Jun 10, 2008.

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    Well, since we're stealing threads from TH, I'll repeat what I posted there: in the US (and I believe also in Japan and Australia) the source for Mnozil Brass DVD's and CD's is not their regular web site. It's a separate outfit in Arizona, Just For Brass, Euphonium, Trombone, Tuba - Sheet Music, Recordings, Accessories, Instruments, Cases, AND MORE! and their service is great. Confession: my wife played flute, my daughter was a music major and plays oboe, English horn, recorders, shawms, and such on a gigging professional basis, one granddaughter plays flute, the other plays trumpet and flugelhorn: and we all love Mnozil Brass. The more you know about music, the more time you've spent in it, the more you're likely to appreciate what they do. Their take-off on academic music is priceless.
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    Jan 24, 2009
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    Apr 19, 2009
    May I start by saying what a great site this is. I came across it whilst searching for information about Mnozil Brass. I've not seen them live but some of my brass band friends saw them last night at Uppermill in the UK. Not surprisingly my friends were gob-smacked by the sheer quality of the playing - massive sound, precision, technical virtuosity, balance, intonation and not a note dropped in over 90 minutes without a dot of music in front of them - amazing. And a performance choreographed to create humour and convey fun.
    My friends and I play with a championship section British brass band in Skelmanthorpe, Yorkshire and we'd love to invite these guys back to Britain to share their musical brilliance with the music loving folk of Yorkshire.
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    I was at that concert in Uppermill on saturday! We went all the way from Deal in Kent to be there and it was amazing! I have all the dvd's and nearly all the cd's but there is nothing like watching them live! Im still in shock over actually seeing them and how unbelievable they sound in person. I've never been to a better concert and never enjoyed one as much as that. Just unbelievable! :thumbsup:

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    Mnozil is booked for next year:
    Uppermill Civic 5th November 2009
    Huddersfield Town hall 6th November 2009

    in the meantime: they play at Durham Brass festival 12 July this year and (hopefully, not confirmed yet) 11th July on the Isle of wight
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    Mar 14, 2005
    A thread should only be resurrected if there is new material…well, I am happy to report that there is. I started this to boldly announce that I believe that Mnozil Brass is the greatest brass chamber music on the planet and I would like to reconfirm this for discussion (all opinions welcomed!) but mainly to celebrate that truth.

    I was in Val Gardena, Italy two nights ago vacationing (looking for a bad meal here and simply can’t find one…but I soldier on nevertheless). OK, so I told my wife it was part of the vacation but really it was because Mnozil was scheduled to play their show Crème de la Crème which blew everyone away at ITG in Banff in 2008. In typically spontaneous manner, they announced from the stage to a sold-out house that they would do their new show “Magic Moments” (which some of you may have seen in Japan last month?) because I was in the house and had already seen the last one. Typically bold and brash on their part…more on that later.

    If I was not obvious enough before, let me be straight again…the torch has been passed!!! They so totally get what a performance is about. Their playing is of the highest possible level and their use of humour as well as poignancy is nothing short of brilliant. I know that most everyone will agree with me on this and there will also be a minority of potential disagreement, but I say to you young players coming up that are considering any kind of career in chamber music, study Mnozil carefully. They represent everything about the future of this genre. Unconditionally amazing playing by everyone (key point) that is balanced, in tune, original, exciting, and has the kind of non-brass playing appeal that is critical to professional success. I call professional success that which actually makes money. Until you make money, you are not a professional. Doesn’t mean you are not talented enough to be, it just means that a financial exchange has not actually taken place. May sound crass but it’s true. The minute you earn even one dollar, euro, yen, peso, ruble, etc. for playing your instrument, you should treat it is a professional obligation and that means you must consider the public and not just what brass players think…remember, we are the ones always trying to sneak in for free! Great to get positive (or even well intentioned negative) comments from colleagues, but long term success means that the critical mass we are trying to reach are non-players. Amateurs, enthusiasts or total newbies who simply love music. Mnozil does that better than anyone currently in the game and that is why they are THE standard. There are and will always be schools of thought that celebrate the subtle differences that only we as brass players care about, but Mnozil has the best complete package.

    They were commissioned by the Salzburg Festival to do not only one, but two entire light operas (second one was premiered this past season) and they were THE hit of the festival. Ladies and gentlemen, that means that Mnozil Brass scooped the most important classical performers on the planet the past two summers with their shows. The very people that love to marginilize what brass players are about. I heard this personally from the brother of the festival director…who I met at a small bed and breakfast in the middle of Tuscany by sheer coincidence…that’s another story about how-small-the-world…be good to everyone!

    Keep the big picture in mind here. “Let’s put a trumpet, horn or trombone on the cover of the symphony brochure to announce the new season”…right, let’s also NOT put a trumpet, horn or trombone player into that season as a featured performer…maybe one every two years or so if we are lucky. I have traveled around the world a lot and always grab symphony season brochures…tell me I’m wrong here? This is a brass problem of epic proportions which goes much deeper than a shiny trumpet picture on a pamphlet. Most brass players simply debate what, or whose horn it was…we have to look further.

    For instance, I could not get the Globe and Mail newspaper (Canada’s national newspaper) to do a feature article about the ITG conference in Banff. We had gathered up every major principal orchestral trumpeter in the country to be on stage together, a fact that may never happen again and it was not newsworthy enough. It was the first international trumpet conference ever in Canada (33 years) and that was not enough. The great Guido Basso was featured…he is a recipient of Canada’s highest civic honor…that was not enough. Brad Turner who has garnered Juno awards (Canadian Grammy and many other honors) and is one the most creative multiple talents ever (trumpet, piano, drums) performed and that was not enough. Dave Douglas who is a giant in contemporary jazz and has received praise from so many critical sources…that was not enough. Three of the greatest ‘traditional’ European soloists ever on one stage on the same day and that was not enough. Hakan (who had to cancel last minute but not before this pitch), Ole, and Sergei. 1,000 people at 5 nights of sold out trumpet concerts and that was not enough.

    The reporter who eventually did the piece was totally empathetic but he had bosses to answer to. I mentioned that Doc Severinsen agreed to come for the price of a cigar…they thought that was a great lead line “What one Cuban cigar can do” and ran with it. We got a great preview for the conference and the rest is history. Of course I was thrilled but the purist inside me also found it a pathetic realization of what we are up against when it comes to being taken seriously as brass players.

    The point of my ramble is not to discuss the merits of high art over commercialism, it is to say that Mnozil understands how to combine both in a manner that has made them the most successful brass group around today…period. They are doing over 140 concerts around Europe and recently Japan, have been engaged at the most important festivals and are about to finally start playing more dates in North America where they will no doubt be a smash hit as well. Along with their regular concert performances are also these huge commissions at prestigious festivals like Salzburg. There is a lot of money that must be found to secure a fully staged opera. There are sets, staging, lighting, choreography, etc (ask the members here who are in the Metropolitan Opera…it is a subculture that 99% of brass players will NEVER understand because they will never see what goes on behind the scenes). A lot of people who stick out their necks and wallets to make a project go and that does not happen just because you are great at Clarke studies or Arban etudes…it means that industry people who only count the bottom line are putting their reputations on the line. Mnozil has not only done that once but TWICE now!!! These guys are brilliant because they are paving the way for a whole new standard for brass players…the enlightened performer that understands how to reach any audience member.

    Aside from this bit of philosophy, they are also just brilliant players. Find them online and be impressed. If still unsure, reserve final judgment for a live concert which you MUST see. If you still do not agree that they are mind-boggingly amazing and original, then you will be in the tiniest minority of one…swept up in the euphoria of every other concertgoer (brass player and non) in the house. Long live Mnozil Brass…we have all waited a long time for this!!!

    Jens Lindemann
    Jens Lindemann's Web Quarters
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    You said it all usual!

    Anyone who hasn't seen them, MUST!!

    If you have seen them, see tham again and again!

    Yu really need to get their DVD calle d SEVEN, and look at all of the special features, including teaching trip on the boats, what these guys do and teach is amazing!

    Thanks jens!
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    I wish they'd come to Illinois or somewhere nearby... parents won't let me drive cross-country to see 'em!
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    I am always so grateful when I stop by the forums here! My son and I spent the morning watching Mnozil Brass on YouTube. I hope someday they will perform in the US so that I can take my son to see them. Otherwise, I will have to plan our European field trip around a concert date. Unfortunately, it will be three years before we will study world history again and I will be considering that field trip!

    After watching the videos, my son looked at me as serious as can be and asked if he could get a trombone. Considering that he is only five and his trumpet is half the length of his body, I told him he would have to get really good on the trumpet first and then we will talk about a trombone. We are pushing boundaries by starting trumpet at age 5, but trombone doesn't even seem like a possibility! His argument continued that with a trombone, he would have have two instruments like his sisters. Sorry son, mom wins this argument, you can play piano as your second instrument just like your sisters!
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    I agree with Jens. I found this group while surfing youtube, my jaw dropped. The musicianship is amazing. Love the unique trumpet the lead player has.

    Although when you hear music like that, it makes you want to put your horn away and cry:) Kind of like Peter Roberts playing Flowerdale. If you haven't heard it you have to see it on youtube!

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