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  1. R.A.S.

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    Oct 13, 2004
    Woodbury, Minnesota

    I will be needing to get a new B1-5L from Monette, but I wondered what you would advise in terms of weight.

    My Bb is a Callet that is so old it goes back to when he built them with great big gaps (mouthpiece to receiver). This horn works fine with my B1-5M, but I wondered if I need another STC-1 weight for the B1-5L, or if it's time to save the pennies for a Prana.

    (Hope you see why I wanted to ask this on the Master site.)

    Ray Smith
  2. Manny Laureano

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    Sep 29, 2004

    I'd save my pennies for the Prana if you want to go that route again. I would also go with the STC 1 weight. The heavier mouthpieces only work, in my opinion, with heavier horns that are stable. Heavy doesn't always mean more stable. Sometimes heavy just means heavy when it comes to non-Monette horns. That's simply because there's more to it than just the weight.

    Here's what Dave told me years ago:

    Imagine that you have a sliding scale that you use to build a horn. If you build a horn that is meant to be, by construction, a 10 then the whole horn has to be a 10. If you're building it to be a 7 then the corresponding parts have to be a 7. The lead pipe, the tuning slide, the braces all have to be 7s. In other words the horn has to have a balance in order to resonate maximally. If you put a 9 leadpipe where a 5 is warranted and then a 3 mouthpiece on top of it the horn will play obviously. But what it won't do is play maximally, that's the key.

    So, I think your best bet is to go with the 1 weight and that will feel best balanced. I love that bloody Prana, though. It's the upper register that makes it so much fun. When you get it, come over to the house and we'll pull out the Brisbois duets and ruin our embouchures together!

  3. trumpetpimp

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    Dec 6, 2003
    Fantastic! I like to konw that pros do silly things to ruin their faces sometimes too. :D :roll: :D

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