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    You're right, I'm sorry to have "thrown a log on that fire." They do have the best customer service in the business and Dave is a big part of that.


    HOWEVER, Monettes, like other custom musical instruments, are individual works of art. When an artist sees his or her work defiled, it's got to hurt on some level. A beat-up Monette (or Eclipse/Blackburn/etc) is in my mind just as sad as a professional orchestra uninspiredly hacking through a great masterwork or hearing a watered down smooth jazz cover of an Ellington tune. Whoever owned that horn didn't realize, or care, that the instrument was an individual, hand made work of art, and I wouldn't blame any artist for getting angry at seeing one of their creations in such horrible shape.

    Just a few thoughts,
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    Jimi, Nice soap box smiley!

    ...As far as bringing a badly treated horn brought to the craftsman's attention, I would expect that they would be glad for a new buyer to bring it back for repairs. I would not care about the repairs coming straight from the source if I didn't care about how I was going to treat the horn down the road...I'm sure that the original craftsman would see the same and gladly accept the work.

    Matt, thanks for the heads up on the horns. I hope that towards the end of my tour here, some of those older models will still be around. I'm waiting for Uncle Sam to gimme enough $. I am still teetering between a Yamaha CHS and the used Monettes, however.

    To all of you: thanks alot for the quick info on this subject!

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    I have followed Mike Thompsons site for quite a while. There has been a steady flow of instruments over the years. It may take a couple of weeks but there is always a good mix of instruments in the course of time. I just bought 2 mouthpieces, the descriptions were right on the money!
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