WTS: Monette Tantra XLT 'Tinky' Model B-Flat Trumpet

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  1. OzwindsCoburg

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    Jan 17, 2017
    Melbourne, Victoria, Aust
    US$12,000 (shipping not included)

    This is it. The finest trumpet you will ever play. Here's what Monette's website says about this unique instrument :

    "While this instrument visually looks like other lightweight Monette trumpets, musically it is our upgraded and improved version of a pre-war Martin Committee! The prototype was built for Ingrid Jensen several years ago... and now we have a 30th anniversary STC upgrade that is even better than our original prototype! It is the same light weight as our MF STC Bb, but built with an XLT weight FLUMPET bell bent in trumpet configuration. The sound it provides is unusually wide and seems to engulf the listener... with even larger, more forgiving targets on the notes than the old Martins. It still retains a percussive and defined start on the notes, with an extremely easy upper register and the intonation that Monette instruments are famous for. The range of dynamics and breadth of sound this model can provide cannot be matched playing any other lightweight trumpet we have ever experienced! The prototype of this new upgraded instrument was designed and built for Australian virtuoso recording artist Scott Tinkler."

    And this is that trumpet, the very one built for Australian improvising trumpet legend, Scott Tinkler. Comes with two Monette mouthpieces (both designed for Scott Tinkler) original case. Ships worldwide at buyer's expense.
    Tpt-Mon-a.jpg Tpt-Mon-b.jpg Tpt-Mon-c.jpg Tpt-Mon-d.jpg

    Available from the Coburg store.
    We offer a 7 day approval period as of the day received.
    If not happy with your purchase, return as received for a full refund less any freight costs


    Phone (03) 9384 2727

    Pick up from our store is welcome


  2. Peter McNeill

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    Jan 30, 2009
    Melbourne Australia
    Hi All,

    This is a very trusted store in Australia. I have bought most of my gear here in Australia through them, including the Schagerl Killer Queen. Feel confident in their service and their comments.

    I have had a play of this horn at their Coburg Store, and it is everything and more...
    With the exchange rate, it is probably going to go to the USA, but for the Aussies, go and get a blow before it goes - it is a great, truly fantastic horn.
  3. MJ

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    Jan 30, 2006
    What is Scott Tinkler playing on now?

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