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  1. Gxman

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    Jan 21, 2010

    I managed to try a Monette B4LDS1-LT mouthpiece (classic) and it felt too shallow and tight. The equivalent bach mouthpiece to that would be the 3D.

    The comparrison im after which i know isnt the best way to look at it as its different but bare with me... is...

    I tried a Stomvi 3C Flugel Horn mouthpiece which felt BEAUTIFUL. Didnt feel TOO large and didnt feel too tight, it was just right. I played all my notes from low to G above staff very comfortably, i was like "in the zone", it was just part of me.

    To get the trumpet mouthpiece in something of equivalent diameter/depth of a flugel horn 3C, what would that be?

    And what would that translate to in a Monnette mouthpiece? Jason figured a B2MS3 which is a bit deeper than the B2S3.

    Kinda need to know the depth and diameter in mm of a 3C flugel Horn mouthpiece to then find which trumpet mouthpiece has the closest mm in the 2 dimensions I guess.
  2. RichJ

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    Jan 16, 2008
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    I would suspect that the comfort you felt might have had a lot to do with the horn and not the mouthpiece. If the Stomvi 3C is similar to a Bach 3C, then the Monette B2 is most likely a fair amount wider. The equivalent of a Bach 3C is a Monette B6.
  3. bagmangood

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    Try a stomvi 3C trumpet mouthpiece - they make them and by all accounts they're quite good
  4. Moshe Mizrachi

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    Feb 17, 2010
    According to the Kanstul Comparator at
    Kanstul Mouthpiece Comparator
    the Monette 2 is just a hair larger diameter than a Bach 3C,
    while the Monette 3 is exactly the same diameter as a Bach 3C,
    although the cup depths are obviously different.

    The Kanstul Comparator shows that the Monette 6 is
    about the same diameter as a Bach 7E,
    which is a smaller diameter than a Bach 7C.

    Of course, different rim contour can make a mouthpiece feel like a
    completely different diameter, so it might be that the Monette 6 feels larger than it actually is.
    I was surprised once when my micrometer showed
    that almost all of my mouthpieces had the same cup diameter,
    athough the different rim contours made them feel like
    they were all different diameters.
  5. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    You do not need matching rims. A B4LD is a shallow B4 with a matching backbore and throat. Like many Monette mouthpieces, they are designed to be efficient, that means that you have to learn to let the hardware do the work instead of trying to blow it up. The B2 is more like a 1 1/2. I play the B2, B2M, B2D, C2D, B2FL and B2LD. I presently use the B2LD and B6S for lead. Plenty of sizzle, deep enough that my chops don't bottom out.

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