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    May 14, 2011
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    The following mouthpieces are for sale at drastically reduced prices.
    Those interested please contact me at: [email protected]
    Price per unit will also be dropped the more you buy.

    Trumpet Mouthpieces

    Legends MF 3 pristine $95.00

    Purviance 5*K4 like new (vintage blank-Reeves made) $110.00

    Purviance 4*K4 excellent (vintage blank -Reeves made) $110.00

    Purviance 4*D4 excellent (vintage blank-Reeves made) $110.00

    Purviance 6C3 excellent (vintage blank -Reeves made) $110.00

    Carol 3C new $20.00

    Conn 5 old but unmarred $10.00

    Bach 7C like new-a few scratches in rim,

    doesn’t affect playing horn $31.00

    Horn Trader 3 Jazz new $76.00

    Bush M2 excellent $55.00

    Bush W2 excellent – tarnished $50.00


    Jupiter 7C good, slightly tarnished $25.00

    Bach 10.5C good $35.00

    Schilke 11 like new $35.00

    Schilke 11E like new 35.00

    French Horn

    Moosewood BV good but worn $40.00

    Blessing good but worn $10.00

    Farkas Model good but worn $25.00

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