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    Oct 26, 2003
    SB, it seems to me, based on watching all kinds of upper level trumpet players, (certainly not me though - I would never put myself in that category) that some movement is acceptable, as long as it's not too much - it's excessive movement that's the real issue. I used to have a lot of movement, but somewhere along the line it kind of took care of itself and I don't move much at all anymore.
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    The judge said that the mistakes the op made were due to excessive facial movement. But the op got the best score? Of course we weren't there but I would get a second opinion before I started worrying about something that may or not be a problem.
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    Oct 26, 2003
    If the excessive movement is causing mistakes I would tend to think that it's a problem.
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    It is all about playing efficiently. I have found the more that I can limit my movement the more efficient I am with all of my playing. Working in front of a mirror is extremely important and being very self disciplined in your practice and playing. For example if I have not played enough then movement can sneak back into my playing. However, if I am practicing diligently and paying attention to what I am doing then the movement is very limited and the outcomes are much better.
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