Mr. Manny sir could answer a few things? PLZ

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by trmpt_chica, Jun 29, 2005.

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    Jun 29, 2005
    tpter1 as soon as im done with skool ill ask my mom to take me to ABI or Sam Ash to get one of those books (im gonna go one at a time with the books ) and thnx soo much for the advice are u a private teacher Glenn? if not you should be! :D

    trumpet blower at our skool there are four different types of band, that you have to take if ur in Marching band which are, symphonic(for freshman) , wind ensmble (for 10th grade and up who know alll 12 major scales) and theres also a band for people who dont know their major scales but are not freshman :?: i dont know why but we have to know all 12 major scales to be able to march with the band but we do soo im gettin over it and ummmm star gazing is nice and i have only kissed 5 guys in my life i could tell u their names but im not gettin into it over here in California the bands cant take out of state ( or country i think, i dont remember) and now we cant go to the Carribean! or take airplanes! but we do get to play at disnyland and Magic Mt. (six flags) i think im gonna like marchin band.... :-)

    P.s. :grouphug: < hehheeheheheh i get them

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