Mr. Vacchiano's Funeral Music

Discussion in 'Wise Talk!' started by wiseone2, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. wiseone2

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    Nov 19, 2003
    I wanted so much to be there , but my car conked out. I asked Hank Nowak, my long time friend and student of Mr Vacchiano, to write a few lines to let me know what happened at the Mass. Here are Hank's words-

    Vacchiano's Funeral Mass and some heavenly music from some of his

    During the funeral mass at Holy Family Catholic Church near Bill's
    house yesterday, a gorgeous sunny Saturday, 24th of September, 2005,
    first Ronnie Romm, played a soulful piece from the Choir Organ loft,
    followed a little later by an exquisitely performed Alan Hovannes's
    "Prayer of Saint Gregory" by Charlie Schleuter on his heavy Samadi
    Monette, and quite near the end of the mass, a beautifully highflying
    and lovingly and sensitively syncopated uplifting arrangement of
    "Amazing Grace" for eight trumpets resounded in sonorous brilliancy
    before closing in peaceful harmony, honor and equanimity played by Phil Smith,
    David Krauss, Mark Gould, Alan Dean, Ray Mase, Neil Balm, Lee Soper,
    plus someone I didn't recognize (apologies) and yours truly Hank
    Nowak, the filer of this report for Wise Talk, which Wilmer would
    have surely filed himself had he been able to attend as planned.
    Joe Alessi was there with the trumpet family.

    I want to thank Hank for being there for the people at Trumpet Talk.
  2. wiseone2

    wiseone2 Artitst in Residence Staff Member

    Nov 19, 2003
  3. Alex Yates

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    Aug 11, 2005
    Atlanta, GA
    Thank you for sharing the article Wilmer and also for having your friend write such a nice note describing what took place. I can't imagine what it would have been like to be there. I probably would have cried through the entire service anyway with such beautiful music floating around. The old Catholic upbringing reared its head yesterday and I had a candle burning the entire day for Mr. V. I also played through the "Blumine" solo because it is such a sweet melody.....for such a sweet man.

    I just read the end where they said his funeral was in Flushing. Heh, I was born in Flushing Hospital. A small world indeed.

    Hey Wilmer, good luck getting your car fixed. And again, thanks for sharing.

    Kind regards,

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