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  1. wiseone2

    wiseone2 Artitst in Residence Staff Member

    Nov 19, 2003
    !2 St. Mutes-metal, plastic and fiber.
    6 Cup Mutes-H&B, Wick and Shastock.....dumbone2 gave away 2 Ray Robinsons :oops:
    6 Harmon Mutes- Emo, Jo-Ral and No Name
    3 Solotone Mutes- Shastock and H&B
    4 Bucket Mutes-H&B and Jo-Ral
    4 Piccolo Mutes-2 St. and 2 Harmon
    35 mutes total.......and that's not counting the contents of those mystery cases in the back of the closet :roll:
    How many do you have?
  2. student trumpet

    student trumpet Pianissimo User

    Dec 7, 2004
    That is quite a list Mr Wise

    my list is a little shorter

    1 st. mute: Vacchiano

    total 1

    it is hard for me to count that high :lol:
  3. timcates

    timcates Pianissimo User

    Jan 17, 2004
    Texas - USA
    wow Wilmer - I feel much less obsessive after reading your list.... ;-)

    4 straights - aluminum Wick, crown and Vacchiano and a mystery mute that appears to be a handmade papier-maché straight only identified by a stamp on the side that says "by S. Florio" - sound somewhere between a cup and a straight (used it on the Artunian on a recital once)

    3 cups - HB regular, Mic-A-Mute, and wick

    5 harmons - jo-ral copper(x2), jo-ral aluminum, harmon brand copper, and a shew soloist

    2 buckets - HB and a jo-ral

    1 pixie

    2 rubber plungers - large and small

    2 silent brass practice mutes (Bb and piccolo)

    I think that's it - here's two questions for you: how do you store/transport your mutes? if you go on a call and don't know a lot of details about what you're playing, how much of your aresenal (mutes AND horns) do you bring to the gig?


    (edited to include the papier-maché mute that I found in my office)
  4. trumpetmike

    trumpetmike Forte User

    Oct 11, 2004
    Farnham (a place too smal

    Let's start with the ones I can see from here - the Eb mutes

    Denis Wick Eb Straight
    Denis Wick Eb Cup (I actually have two of these, due to various reasons - if anyone wants a brand new, unused one - let me know)
    Denis Wick Eb Practice

    Also on shelves and floor, within sight of here
    Denis Wick Euphonium Mute
    Denis Wick Trombone Straight Mute (gold bottom - 1 of a kind)
    Denis Wick Bass Trombone Straight Mute (gold bottom - 1 of a kind)

    Will update this later when I find out what is lurking in the boot (trunk) of the car - where my mutes tend to live.

    I have a nasty feeling I am going to end up making Wilmer's list seem very short and concise :oops: - although some of them I do have good reasons for, which I might even explain.

    Now, where did I leave the car?

    UPDATE - Well, I've found the piccolo mute bag :D

    Jo-Ral Copper Bottom Straight Mute
    Denis Wick Straight Mute
    Tom Crown Copper Straight Mute
    Marcus Bonna Cup Mute
    Tom Crown Aluminium Cup Mute
    Tom Crown Harmon Mute
    Denis Wick Practice Mute

    I have also found the box of mutes for sale:

    1 x Denis Wick Practice Mute - £15
    3 x Denis Wick Wooden Straight Mute - £23 each
    1 x Denis Wick Eb Adjustable Cup Mute - £20
    1 x Denis Wick Metal Straight Mute - £15
    1 x Denis Wick Plunger Mute - £10

    I also have a number (20!) of slightly small Bb practice mutes - NOT Eb practice mutes. These were a batch that were made using the wrong measurements. They work well, but are very close fitting on some bells and actually touch the metal on others. With an added layer of cork or foam they work quite well - could be a cheap alternative for those who find the regular practice mutes too expensive.
    These are being sold for £5 each.

    Now - where did I leave the rest of them?
  5. BigBadWolf

    BigBadWolf Piano User

    Nov 30, 2004
    Los Angeles, CA
    Denis Wick
    Tom Crown - Aluminum
    Tom Crown - Brass Bottom
    Tom Crown - All Copper
    Hickman Sotto Voce
    Chicago Mute
    Trumcor - Lyric
    Humes and Berg
    Marcus Bona
    Yamaha - Copper Bottom

    Denis Wick
    Tom Crown
    Humes and Berg

    JoRal Bubble - Aluminum
    JoRal Bubble - Copper

    Humes and Berg

    Denis Wick
    Yamaha Silent Brass

    Denis Wick Straight
    Stomvi Straight - Brass
    Tom Crown Straight

    Humes and Berg - Pixie
    A couple fo plungers
  6. dizforprez

    dizforprez Forte User

    Nov 2, 2003
    Denis Wick
    Tom Crown - Brass Bottom
    Humes and Berg
    Bach Plastic

    Humes and Berg

    Humes and Berg
    JoRal Bubble

    Humes and Berg

    Yamaha Silent Brass

    Humes and Berg Straight (copper)

    A plunger from the hardware store [and one pixe mute]
  7. trumpet blower88

    trumpet blower88 Mezzo Piano User

    Jun 15, 2005
    Flagstaff, AZ
    Wow, I used to think I had alot...

    Humes and Berg (the red and white wooden one)
    Tom Crown (aluminum)

    Humes and Berg (the red and white wooden one)

    4 1/2 inch
    5 inch


    One I made from an old air freshoner, telephone listener, and an old walkman

    7 total, plus anything else I can think of sticking in my bell...
  8. bas

    bas Pianissimo User

    Jun 2, 2005
    Iowa City, IA/Corfu, GR
    Yikes!! Feeling a bit mute challenged now....

    Straight Mutes
    Tom Crown Copper bottom
    Humes and Berg Straight

    Cup Mutes
    H & B Cup (my Basie cup)
    JoRal aluminum
    Denis Wick adjustable

    Harmon Mutes
    Old Harmon Brand in copper
    Shew soloist
    JoRal aluminum
    JoRal copper

    Plunger mute
    One that I 've had for twenty years customized to mt ear

    H & B

    Bucket Mutes
    Humes & Berg red and white

    Hmmmm.....I don't feel all that badly now....[/u]
  9. trickg

    trickg Utimate User

    Oct 26, 2003
    Geeze, am I behind the times? :oops:

    1 Tom Crown Aluminum Straight - good condition
    1 Tom Crown Aluminum Straight - poor condition
    1 $1.25 plunger
    1 EMO harmon mute - poor condition
    1 Humes and Berg Derby

    I had a couple of other mutes in my posession but they weren't really mine and I turned them in when I ETSed from the National Guard Band a few weeks ago. They were a Denis Wick adjustable cup and a Jo-Ral aluminum bubble mute.

    If I ever start gigging in a big band again, I'm going to have to get at least one cup mute and probably another harmon mute, probably a Jo-Ral.
  10. Solar Bell

    Solar Bell Moderator Staff Member

    May 11, 2005
    Metro Detroit
    1 H & B Cup 30 yrs old

    1 Harmon all copper harmon

    1 Tom Crown straight all copper

    1 H & B Bucket 30+ yrs old. They just sound better

    1 H & B Pixie 30+ yrs old, the old heavy copper ones with a brass bottom, don't make them any more. Took off the paint and buffed it. Gorgeous! and that great metallic sound.

    1 H & B Solo tone-- painted a cool blue to match my old stand fronts.

    1 H & B Tuxedo plunger

    1 H & B Derby, replaces the metal one someone took off with.

    1 olbligatory Crown Royal bag.

    Only eight, I'm not doing my part I guess.

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