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  1. gordygourmet

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    Sep 30, 2004
    St. Cloud
    Manny, Bill Schrickel has the SCSO playing Barber's "Mutations from Bach" for brass choir. Near the end I have to play some slow, nice solo licks from f to C above the staff marked P to MP with a cup mute. I am using a Denis Wick Cup. Any suggestions on mutes or practice/performance techniques? Thanks!

    Patrick Thorn
  2. Manny Laureano

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    Sep 29, 2004

    I probably don't have to tell you this but be sure to take advantage of that mute's capability to change the cup depth. It'll make a lot of soft stuff easier.

    Also, page 148 of Arban slurred and transposed to higher keys will help that soft, high stuff a lot.

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