My Birthday -- and a Vintage Committee !!!

Discussion in 'TM Lounge' started by Robert Rowe, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. Robert Rowe

    Robert Rowe Mezzo Piano User

    Dec 24, 2004
    A good day.
    I'm presenting myself with a nice birthday present today. I have owned over 50, mostly vintage &/or significant , horns in the past 25-yrs. One is (I still have it) an "RMC"-era Martin "C" trumpet, the only Martin I've ever had, and I am very impressed with it. These (RMC horns) don't seem to get high marks from collectors, but I don't care ... the horn is wonderful. I have other "C" horns ("high-endy"), but they have intonation issues; this Martin is "right on". So, if these "so-so" "RMC" horns are fine (in my estimation), a vintage Committee should be worthy of note ... (weak pun). I have been a vintage guitar player / collector for a long time; and a just completed sale makes the Committee purchase possible, and a good bargain. I am "picky" about specific things regarding horns, and I'll report in future postings my impressions.
    I'm enthused !

    Robert Rowe
  2. bandman

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    Oct 16, 2004
    Lafayette, LA, USA
    Happy Birthday Robert -- Enjoy that new horn!

    I'm curious, how do you display your horns? If you have a large collection, do you have music room where they are on display? I collect Old Tom Morris golf clubs and other very old clubs of notible club makers. I display them in the game room of my home. I wonderd how you went about displaying and enjoying your horn collection, in fact, I think this might be a great topic for a new thread!
  3. Robert Rowe

    Robert Rowe Mezzo Piano User

    Dec 24, 2004
    Thanks, bandman. for the nice words. I appreciate that very much.

    In answer to your question -- I am reluctant to refer to the horns as a "collection", but I can't think of another term at the moment.... It sort-of connotates a "static" group of instruments; but the various horns are played as often as I can do so .... Some are destined for restoration; some are just "yard-sale" bargain pick-ups to be "massaged" a bit for re-sale; some may end-up as "cadavers" for cannabalizing the parts; some are going to be put out as rentals; some are "keepers" (not necessarily sought-after collectables) because I enjoy how they play. I hope to own and play all the "legendary" horns of the past, before I move on to those of the present.
    I wish to someday establish a not-for-profit foundation to put some good instruments into the hands of young, economically-disadvantaged kids, and start them off with some lessons and direction. I have been blessed with a wonderful and incredibly interesting life; and, I would like to "give back" something. This is a difficult issue to explain. I wish no acknowledgement, but I know I shall be fulfilled in this endeavor.

    Yes, you know, this issue of how "collections" (in my case, maybe "gaggle of instruments ... or does that term only apply to geese?) are displayed would be an interesting topic for posting.
    Mine are not displayed; mostly stored in the attic, closets, "band-room", office (ready to be played at any given moment), shop. Ultimately, some probably should be available for interested-party viewing; but, the time is not quite right for that.

    Thanks, again

    Robert Rowe

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