My Buzz is Gone :(

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by GideonRichter, Nov 12, 2011.

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    Jan 28, 2011
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    In fact, Rule 6 should become Rule 1! It's all about optimizing priorities!
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    Dec 22, 2008
    You forgot this rule.

    ALL posts must include the maximum number of ROFL icons allowed by the forum!ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
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    well said ROFL
  4. kingtrumpet

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    Sep 20, 2009
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    1) Disparage gmonady comments relentlessly
    2) Display social ineptitude regarding Australian Culture
    3) Demonstrate social awkwardness regarding the opposite sex (still trying to figure out which one that would be as it relates to Kingtrumpet)
    4) Relentlessly push the Asymmetric Mouthpiece
    5) Display pure fantasy regarding the Silver Flair King Trumpet

    Rule #1) - only those gmonady comments that "utter"ly make no sense, and that is "no" bull, so to speak - those are the ones I disparage ROFL
    Rule #2) - the Aussies have a culture? ROFL
    Rule #3) - social awkwardness towards the opposite sex? Well I am a guy, and I love to meet women - I just can't help it if all the women I meet are awkward, and unruly, why can't they be cultured??? ROFL
    Rule #4) -- the Asymmetric mpc -- pushing it? NO, I just tell people that is what I use -- and I am the best, and they should use it too - that is just an opinion ROFL
    Rule #5) --- the King Silver flair is just another tool that I use (like the ASYMMETRIC MPC) -- and since I am the best -- I want everyone else to be the same, and I merely point out the equipment I use -- so they will have an advantage in playing ROFL

    the moderators have nothing to worry about ---- kingtrumpet is giving the best advice available, doing public relations -- and I already have 3 dozen posters who have missed me --- surely the return or KINGTRUMPET is a distinct advantage to TM --- everbody loves the KINGTRUMPET ROFL, ROFL, ROFL
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    Rule 7: Limitations, we all have 'em - mostly they're related to the way you think.
  6. Mark_Kindy

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    Jul 11, 2010
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    I felt that I should address something here ---

    There is a reason why you may not be feeling the buzz sensation, and that is the setup of your embouchure.

    Some players play with an open setting, where the buzz actually does not exist without the aid of some mouthpiece pressure (this is addressed by Pops, and is what was being referred to by Allen Vizzutti's "candle blowing" example) This means that when the mouthpiece is removed, the buzz stops.

    Others play with a closed setting. This is where the lips begin together and are not separated before the buzz begins. That can be demonstrated by anyone that can free buzz. In fact, pressure by the mouthpiece is not required in order for the buzz to exist.

    Having played both ways with moderate success in each, I personally did not feel as much of a buzz with the open aperture (possibly due to the small amount of friction occurring between lips), as with the closed one. I did notice, also, that I felt the tingling sensation in my lips after warming up with the closed setting, that I never felt before with the open setting. Perhaps this is also due to an increase in mass that is vibrating.

    I hope this may shed some light on the issue.

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