My first in 37 years

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Dean_0, Jul 8, 2013.

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    congrats Dean_O --- take that experience and keep adding to it!!! ---- I remember my first 2 appearances of my comeback (the first a 10 minute solo spot in church -- went very well) --- the 2nd I was more nervous because it was a community band, which means I had to count, and NOT play on the rest, and FINISH on time, and not a beat late , but it went well!!! ------------------------------------------ one thing I found Dean_0 and I suppose you will(have) also, is that in front of a "live" audience, are concentration is at an all time high, the music is ALL, the audience is ALL ((meaning that the music and the audience go hand in hand with our relatively positive experience, - the music flows, the audience is happy, -when the audience is happy we get positive feedback -- which in turn helps to solidify our confidence!!!!

    GREAT DEAN_O --- dude, I have been there, I know what your feeling ------ it is important ---and I say --- Keep er going, build on this positive experience, keep sharing in church or whereever you can/will play!!! -- you will INSPIRE others, "I guaranteee that!!!"
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    As the 'Good Book' says "Make a joyful noise".

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