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    How about "starting him with a qualified and well known trumpet teacher? :)
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    Proper breathing, mouthpiece position and tongueing to release air vs "puffing" or "blowing" out notes.

    The books used by some of the schools in Cincinnati (Standard of Excellence - I think) come with a section in the front that illustrates posture, mouthpiece placement, part of a trumpet etc. The book also comes with iPas software which can be loaded on the student's home computer. In addition there's a CD with lessons on it so the student can play along.
    On the iPas program there is a tuner and metronome built into the software. The thing that's nice is being able to hear the note they need to match when they're first starting out. Other wise they could be playing a C, G, E when they play with no valves pressed.
    When they're first learning it helps them to hear you playing along with them. Later it's best to let them play alone so you can better hear anything they may be doing incorrectly.
    Always stress counting, subdividing, holding notes for their entire value, tone, breathing.

    good luck.

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