My little guy just turned six...and still LOVES his trumpet

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by samsplace, Jun 19, 2010.

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    As a great man once said, "The only normal people are the ones that you don't really know." So, it sounds like your family is doing OK. Don't worry about being "normal".
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    Sounds like he's having a lot of fun with music, which is great. As far as how hard to push on practice time and so forth, that depends entirely on the child. Some kids love to practice, some like to play with others but don't like solitary practice, and some resist practicing (and baths) but once engaged enjoy doing so. Only you know your child.

    I think the biggest thing you can do to help him is to get him to live brass performances as often as possible. Recordings are better than nothing, but there is nothing like a live performance to convey a 3D picture of how the instrument should sound. Once a student has an ideal sound in their head, progress comes much faster.

    I think kids are naturally interested in hearing other kids too. Play him videos of other youngsters to show what is possible. Natalie Dungey and Ruben Simeo both have videos on YouTube when they were around 7.

    My son started trumpet at 6 and has been playing just under 3 years now so I know what its like to worry whether you are doing the right thing as a parent. I'll look you up on YouTube and subscribe. My username on YouTube is trumpetcarguy and there are a handful of videos on their of my son Forrest at different stages, though nothing when he was 6. I'll have to work on that.

    Keep the posts and videos coming. Maybe in a couple years we'll see him at NTC!
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    The reason I LOVE to see this is, I couldn't see until I was 5 or so, after my 2nd eye operation. My mom told me I just sat and listened, rather than crawling around like most kids. That was because I could keep track of everything going on in the house by listening (even dogs, although cats are hard to keep track of, they make no noise walking just jumping) and my Dad used to play all kinds of music, which I loved. but I'd get yelled at for "making noise" if I tried to play anything. Later, we got a piano, and I got yelled at for "making noise" on that.

    I"m sure if I'd been "given my druthers" I'd have gotten into music really early, I like to think trumpet but realistically, we had a piano and the lady down the street did too. Instead my parents, Mom mainly, pushed me to be an artist which was an uphill battle given my lousy eyewight. I had to get good at "recording" music in my head to play back because I didn't get a radio until I was 18. At least it was the 1970s, a time that was big on having people sing in school. So we sang all those crazy kids' songs and my Dad loved to have us sing in the car too.

    But anything irregular, like admitting that I had a vision problem, and "making noise" was not tolerated.

    This is why I LOVE to see/hear that kid tooting away!

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