My Monette B6S1 Journey ...

Discussion in 'Mouthpieces / Mutes / Other' started by scottfsmith, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. bumblebee

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    Jan 21, 2010
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    I played around with the gap on my Shires and noticed a slight improvement when the gap was reduced a little (using the Harrelson gap adjustment kit).

    I didn't try increasing the gap as that would have involved cutting my Monette mouthpiece which I'm not inclined to do.

  2. scottfsmith

    scottfsmith Pianissimo User

    Jul 2, 2014
    I might fiddle with the gap at some point, but not for a month or more - I am still adapting and what looks like a good change now could be a very bad one for the final resting spot I need to get to.

    I have a 3D printer so I can make copies and fiddle with those in any way I want -- at 20 cents per mouthpiece, they are much more trash-able! The printer is not making a perfect copy but they are not far off (.1mm tolerance). I sort of doubt I will find any better variation but I'm an oboe player of 30 years and have a terminal case of mouthpiece-fiddling.
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    May 21, 2009
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    Bonus! With your plastic copies you can use your reed knife to make fine adjustments, and feel right at home! :-)

    I am curious about your print-duplication process. Does this really work well? I have a weirdo trombone mouthpiece that I really love, and would like more of them, but at $250 for the first copy I am not that interested.
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  4. scottfsmith

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    Jul 2, 2014
    I am more using files and sandpaper for adjustments, but I have used both on oboe reeds as well..

    I am reasonably happy with the quality of my 3D printed mouthpieces. It does take a lot of practice to get it down, though. I had to learn how to print them "standing up" on the small end or the rim would be no good, there is shrinkage you need to cancel out, 3D printers are a pain, etc. Also if you want to copy an existing piece by hand you need to measure/copy and repeat 3-4 times. For the Monette it took me 5 rounds before I can't really tell any difference with my calipers. Also the plastic sounds different than metal. I have a 50-50 metal/plastic I use for my "final" prints and its better but is still not the same as metal. For some music I actually like the plastic more, but most of the time the metal is better as it is more efficient and focused.

    .. To update on my Monette journey, its "no news is good news". This mouthpiece is just so much easier to get music out that I am hooked now. I am going higher in the partials on my flexibilities, the 7-8-9 range, and still getting good notes out. The only downside is the attack I can't "punch" like I could on my 7C, it can't do that drum-like attack. Since I am still not playing the old pieces this comparison is more from memory, I'll add a final report here when I get the old guys out again. The pitch I feel has come down, but I'm going to wait a bit more before I check.

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