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Discussion in 'Horns' started by chops1, Dec 27, 2003.

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    Dec 27, 2003
    Well this is my first post here.
    Glad I finally found a Calicchio forum. Larry I will give you my info once I get the horn for the Calicchio registration.
    Now about my new Calicchio. I had tried an older 1S2 ML when I was stationed in Hawaii and really liked how the horn played. When I got back to the mainland I called Dave Johnson up and talked about John making me a new horn. They were great people to work with. I told them to take there time on my horn and I was not in a hurry. I wanted a unique horn that really was my own with a little bit differant sound. What we came up with was a 1S2 with a 6'inch bell, reverse lead pipe, amado waterkeys, thumb and pinky ring, and some special engraving. Oh, also I wanted the satin laquer finish. I will have to ask Dave but I think I will have the first Tulsa made horn with that finish. Not sure also if any other Calicchios have that finish strait from the shop. I will be posting pictures of the horn and some live sound clips in the future.
    Great to find a fourm on these great horns.


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