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    Sep 25, 2004
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    For years now, I’ve played on either a Bach 1 1/4C or 2 1/2C, but I’ve never been completely comfortable with either, nor with any of the other Bachs, Wicks or Yamahas that I’ve tried. It’s entirely possible that one of these manufacturers makes a mouthpiece that really works for me, it’s just that I’ve never found it.

    Recently, I decided that it was time to see if there was anything better out there. I did my Internet research and asked the questions on the forums (mostly here and Trumpet Herald), and GR seemed to get the most interesting reactions, some really positive, some really negative, so I filled in the questionnaire and Brian Scriver recommended 67MX or 67C*. Last week, I went round to the UK importer’s house, he was very helpful, and I ended up walking out with a 66MX, which is feels exactly the same size as my 2 1/2C.


    Big improvement in sound, rich, buttery smooth, but with a real ‘zing’ when I want it.

    Much more comfortable than the Bachs, still feels good after 1 ½ hrs of rehearsal, which is a first. Also really easy to place on my face, I just park it on my lips and it’s comfy. With the Bachs I usually have to have a few attempts before I’m happy with the placement.

    Much more stable tone, seems to find the tone centres much easier. I’ve had to learn to be a little more positive about my lip-slurs than with the Bachs, it’s actually easier because it helps me to find the new notes easier, but has needed a slight adjustment in technique.

    Better pitching, I hit notes bang on that I always split before, particularly above the stave. Also improved range and endurance. I initially thought I’d lost about a tone, but as I’ve got used to it over the last week, it’s come back, and last night, I was pitching top Bs (2 spaces above the stave) quite comfortable at the end of the rehearsal. For me, this is a huge achievement!

    Makes me more attractive to women and better in bed.

    In fact, I can’t think of a single way in which it isn’t a huge improvement over the Bachs (which will soon be on Ebay!). Expensive? Yes, but not outrageous, and certainly worth it for what it gives me. Not just me either, our 1st chair trumpet had a play on it, and had a similar reaction, although he felt it was a bit too small for his tastes.

    I’m not pretending it’s perfect at everything, of course it isn’t, but it’s got the best set of compromises for me and my playing that I’ve ever come across in a mouthpiece. I’m also not saying that it wouldn’t be equalled or bettered by another mouthpiece that I haven’t tried, but GR’s service and interest in me was a credit to them, and (unlike most of the small, modern, specialist outfits like Curry etc.) they’re available for trial in the UK, or at least the more mainstream versions are.

    Actually, the only problem I’ve had is that it won’t fit in the plastic mouthpiece holders in my new style Bach Strad case. Disaster.

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    Sep 9, 2004
    Thsi is the same piece that I play. It is very goood for everything that I am required to do.

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