My observations and experience on Trying to find right embouchure

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by n8r, Jun 21, 2012.

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    May 10, 2012
    That makes sense that the sloppy notes and sounds come from risk taking. Miles trumpet sounds a lot better in the two vids you linked to, but I still don't like what he's doing musically. I think I just don't like that style of Jazz. That combined with all the missed notes and risk taking, Miles and Dizzy just aren't my cup of tea. The sound and mood of that kind of Jazz depresses me. With your explanation, at least I can understand a little better what's going on though. Thanks
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    practice, play and be happy!!!!!!!!
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    I too struggled as a youngster, with instructors always telling me that my embouchure was all wrong, and that if I did not correct it, I would never advance to pro level. After 34 years of not playing, I discovered that it was not so much the embouchure that held me back, but the poor advice I was given in choosing the correct mouthpiece. After purchasing an array of different mouthpieces to experiment on, I find now that am getting better results with a more shallow B cup.(And yes, I did change my embouchure just a little) In 5 months I have blown past the level I was at 34 years ago, and I am in it, just for the enjoyment of re-discovering music!!

    So all of these suggestions are right on!! It is about all of it! Breathing.., correct mouthpiece,long tones, instruction, discovery, wearing your lucky socks.., DIY, etc..,
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    I really don't think Diz and Miles are "missing" notes (or missing more than the very occasional note) .... I think that's all in your head (the OP) and you're not hearing what they're playing. You should listen more deeply before tossing around such casual criticisms. And if you look, I promise you, you'll find things from these guys you like.

    If you give these guys a more openminded listen, and get some CDs with the money you're saving not having a teacher, you'll start to get what we love about them. And, Diz recorded for around 50 years, and Miles about 40 or so, CREATING the styles they played. They built jazz (show some respect) ....... In the 1950's alone, Miles has more than 50 records with one label .... The period that produced "Kind of Blue" and other classics. Get off YouTube junk and get some CDs before you discount these guys entirely, the quality is so much better that you'll hear a lot more of the details.


    For Miles ... try "Sketches of Spain"
    For Diz .... try "The Alternate Blues" (with Clark Terry and Freddie Hubbard)

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    What Turtle said.

    I was composing a reply and just got frustrated, so I'm deferring to my smooth-tongued, hard-shelled friend . I just don't understand how those audios can be dismissed as sloppy notes and sounds and depressing. But then, there are also some on the forum who would rather listen to "A Taste of Honey" than "Four & More". As my no-nonsense German wife would say, "That's just the way it is", LOL. Thank you Turtle for your tact and understanding.
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    The MP3 conversions on YouTube are not always the best ..... It would have been great to see them live, but then, CDs are the next best thing. The difference in sound quality will be appreciated by the OP, I think. If you crank up "Sketches of Spain" on a good system, it sounds like he's in the room with you. :thumbsup:


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