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    Feb 16, 2004
    I have been researching and looking at new trumpets for several months now. Some of you have seen the reviews I have posted about Getzens,Conn’s and Yamaha.

    As luck would have it a friend of mine just received a Flip oaks wild thing in silver-plate and was willing to let me take it out for a test spin.

    First of all this horn has one of the best cases on the market. It’s beautiful and very functional.

    The fit and the finish on the horn were outstanding. This is my first experience with the upper end Kanstul valve casings and they were smooth as silk. Very responsive.

    This horn came with ALL of the slides available for the wild thing. After playing each one for about 20 min I found that I like the standard #1 configuration the best. It seems to have the best tone to it and it slotted best for me.That is strange because according to the literature it is the most open slide.The number #3 slide was my second favorite.

    This horn had both a #2 and a #J2 slide with it.I figured out what the differance is.One is standard and the other is Jazz.

    I spent about 4 hours practicing with it the first day I got it and was pleased with the intonation. Sitting down with the horn and a Korg tuner going up and down chromatically from c there was very minor variances in the tone. The horn for the most part played very centered and had a nice warm dark tone to it.

    This is only the second big bore horn I have played. I did find that it took less air to control this horn. You really had to hold back some or the thing would get away from you.

    I took it to last Thursdays Williamson county community band rehearsal and played it the entire 2 hours of rehearsal.To me it seemed like I was running out of air faster with this horn. Most of the guys had Bach strads with one GEtzen Eterna and a Yamaha.This horn blended in very well with these horns.It did not “stand out†like a bastard step child.It seemed to fit right in.Some of the lead players played it for a few moments and said it played nice,especially in the upper ranges.

    I am going to try and see if I can’t save up enough money to try out a gold horn with . I think I need a bit more back pressure to make this horn work right. After reading some of the other reports of the WILD THING it seems some of the owners have had better results with a mouthpiece with a tighter backbore.

    I am going to keep this horn for a few more days and try it out again in the community band before I return it to its rightful owner. It is definitely on my consideration list.

    Great horn for the money.I havent seen anything else on the market that even comes close.

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