National Trumpet Competition 09

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by miles71, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. miles71

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    Nov 8, 2004
    Now that I have finally gotten some sleep and feel a little more lucid I wanted to comment on this years NTC. I must, after years of attending and even being a former competitor, this year was a wonderful experience.

    I am lucky enough to help out Stu's Music at this show each year. Larry is a good friend and one of the best in the business. I get to talk trumpet all day and spend time with a good friend, cool huh. This year I was able to meet some new people and renew some older friendships. I was not able to attend any masterclasses since I was in the exhibit hall with Stu's, but it was a blast.

    Peter and Kristen Pickett of Picket Brass are great people and Peter is making some really cool stuff. I picked up a few of his mouthpieces, never thought I would wander from my trusty GR's but here I am. His workmanship is top notch and I think I will have a review soon of the pieces I picked up. If you are looking to get a trim kit or at some mouthpiece options I would give them a look.

    I finally got to talk and hang with Pat Harrison(sorry if the last name is wrong) and Alex Yates. They where at the GR table and Pat ran the Jam session. I had a great time talking to you guys at the sponsor reception. Nice to put some faces to the forum members. Alex, Sherri is buggin me to go to Atlanta now!!

    Cliff and Bunny Blackburn are always a pleasure to talk to each year. I found we have a common interest other than trumpets. And those trumpets he makes are great, I played a prototype that played itself. Def. something to look forward to each year.

    Of course the guys from Yamaha, Wayne T. and Dave L., are fun to be around. But one of the biggest highlights for me was being able to hang with Wayne Bergeron. Not only is Wayne one of the best musicians I have been around, he is a cool guy and had no problem taking time with the college kids at the NTC. I feel fortunate I was able to hang with him and get to know him. I only hope I have the opportunity again sometime soon. From what I saw these few days, any educator should jump at the chance to get Wayne to talk to their students. He is a fine representative for music and trumpet.

    Dennis Edelbrock is to be highly commended on a wonderful show that inspires any attendee. Thank you Denny!!

    I am sure some of you guys will chime in on master classes and your experience. I enjoyed our time together.

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    Dec 31, 2005
    Pat Harbison and Alex Yates got up early two mornings to lead sessions for adults. Attendance exceeded expectations - over 20 each day, I'm sure. They conveyed a lot of good information on efficient playing, especially for adults. We also got do play some 4 part chorales as a group, and they raked us over the coals getting the intonation and balance right (but in a very positive way, and the results were worth it).

    I sat in on a few of the high school and college semi finals - enjoyed meeting all sorts of folks - Roy Poper, Cliff Blackburn, Karl Hammond, Fred Powell, and Terry Warburton, to drop a few names. Wayne's concert with the Airmen of Note was OUTSTANDING, and played to a packed, SRO crowd. Finished up with the jazz finals competition, though I couldn't stay for the jam session.

    NTC is very cool.
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    Jul 20, 2006
    Salisbury, MD

    It sounds like a wonderful time. Sorry I missed it this year. You know the funny thing is that my wife and I were right down the road in Alexandria for the weekend. I'll be there next year - bet on that.


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