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    May 17, 2011
    Waiting for my Naumann 3 holes, and as I see in this forum the same questions cometo my mind now.

    a) Is the skill about buzzing the different pitches, in order to produce them?
    and this I guess will do it on the baroque trumpet and not on the regular one, since is valveless, so is like buzzing the mouthpiece...thanks I learnt that horrible things (horrible at first).

    b) Not overblowing it means just not pushing the air?

    c) I see on the fingering chart some notes are not part of the series, but still present in some baroque music, can you still produce this notes somehow by bending pitches?, and I see missing D1, f1, A1.

    The piece I am analyzing is the Brandenbug concert N2 in F Major. Maybe you circumvent this by using another crook?

    d) are the holes really open to speculation, I mean the chart isa guideline and then you see how it works for you?
    So I understood you canhave them open, closed, or HALF OPEN?

    ...:I think the book I will acquire is the one from Mr LAird.

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