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    Ok, 2 questions

    1) I'm thinking that I might decide to change mouthpieces. I think I might like the larger rim of about a Bach 1, but I'm not sure what cup I want. I'm currently on a Bach 3C. I also have a GR 3HC, but that is just a bit too deep of a cup and really kills my endurance. Does anyone have any recommendations? The use is mainly for orchestral stuff, with a nice warm tone preferred.

    2)I'm looking for a new mouthpiece for my Olds Ambassador Cornet. It's currently got a Bach 7C, I play a Bach 3C, but seeing as I'm wanting a bigger rim anyway, I'm not sure. I have a friend who's got a Schilke 15, comparable to a Bach 1 and is pretty much the run of the mill Schilke mouthpiece, who I could purchase one for fairly cheap. What could I expect from that combo?
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    That's a big jump in mouthpiece size. Bach mouthpiece nomenclature standardization is really poor. According to the mouthpiece comparison chart at Mouthpieces Express a Bach 1 is about the same size as a Schilke 17 or 18 while the 3 is about the size of a Schilke 9.

    I'd look into finding two mouthpieces with identical rim size and rim shape but with cups, backbores and shanks to fit the styles and recievers of the two different horns. Keeping the rims size and shape matching will ease transitioning between the horns and help in maintaining your accuracy with intervals. Changing the cups and backbores will adjust the tone for an instruments particular playing characteristics

    Schilke mouthpieces are probably the least expensive of the brands that have stock production pieces that can be matched and are fairly common in your local stores. Also Yamaha and Schilke share the same nomencature system for identifing mouthpieces thanks to their association in the 70's and 80's so a Schilke 14 is identical to a Yamaha 14.

    I'd start by working to find a Schilke trumpet mouthpiece with a rim size and shape that works for you. Goto to get a description of Schilke's mouthpiece nomenclature. Once you have found a trumpet mouthpiece you like, try matching cornet mouthpieces with the same rim size and shape but different cups and backbores.

    I use a long shank Schilke 11D4 for an American cornet sound, a short shank Yamaha 11E4 for a British cornet sound and am waiting for a Schilke 11C4 to arrive for trumpet.

    Flatter rims make rim sizes feel smaller while rounder rims of the same rim size feel larger.

    Larger rims will enhance tone quality but sacrafice some range and/or embouchure endurance.

    Deeper cups will darken your tone quality, increase air requirements and reduce backpressure. For some this loss of backpressure can affect range.

    I hope this helps

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    need some advice

    I played for some time with a 1 1/4c bach mouthpiece and found it to have a very similar rim feel to the bach 3c. It seems to have more cup volume for a more orchestral sound. I still use it for 2nd or 3rd part orchestra pieces. No problem switching between the size 3 bach rim.
    I have tried the schilke 13a4a mp, love the feel of the rim etc, but it just seems to have too tight of backbore. The Schilke 14a4a seemed a little larger diameter than the bach 3c, but close to that feel. Hope this helps.

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