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    Normally the people doing the booking need a real reason to bring "new" talent into the fold. The players that they usually work with know what they want and the amount of stress is very low.

    As there is not a lot of "new" opportunities getting sponsored these days, the only real chance is to fill a niche or get connected with those in the scene.

    Nobody owes you anything and your teachers opinion only counts IF they are connected. Humility is a pretty good trait and the stupidist thing that I run into is when the third trumpet player shows up to the rehearsal and warms up with the first trumpet player part. First of all, warming up is often obnoxious when getting together before the gig. Third trumpet players trying to "prove" how good they are is accepted by nobody. Wait a minute, even more stupid is when the third trumpeter fingers the notes when the first is playing a solo.

    One of the most favorable traits is a second trumpeter that can count bars of rest. THAT quality gets them next to me as often as possible. A great second player makes the first feel like a million bucks. Intonation and rhythm match the first trumpeter instead of trying to drive the car from the back seat. I HATE second players with a chip on their shoulders.
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    Rowuk, You should have set this in BOLD TYPEFACE!

    When I was selected for the high school band while still only in eighth grade, the band director told me that "great" second and third trumpets were what made the first trumpet sound the best. I didn't give this much thought then as I was just so elated to be selected for the band. Later, I realized that harmony certainly can be an asset to music presentation. Were I now ready again, I'd play any part on any of my brass horns and I'm just a slight heel counter. Still, I'm not infallible as I remember three times that I've missed my entrance ... all in rehearsals and one of these was because the first trumpet skipped a measure ... or so the director called it ( I really didn't think so ... but the director / conductor is always right).
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