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    Balquhidder Music has been one of my favorite trumpet-related brass publishers since they came on the scene a little over 10 years ago. Founded and run by LA Phil trumpeter, Rob Roy MacGregor, the pieces and books published by this company are of the highest quality - expertly engraved with beautiful covers. Plus, the content of the titles is usually unique and interesting.

    So, when I decided to write about online music publishers in my ITG Journal column ( I included Balquhidder even though their website was primitive and undeveloped. Rob took that to heart and has completely redesigned his web site.

    The new web site is fantastic. You must go there. He has a page for every title in his catalog and you can download a PDF sample of each. Also, they are making available several complete titles as FREE pdf downloads. You can check it out at:

    They have published a new book of piano accompaniments to the first 10 Charlier etudes. These are the accompaniments by Jean-Marie Cottet and each one is printed in both Bb and C trumpet keys! This is a great find! The free pdf sample of this one is the first page of Charlier #2!

    Bravo to Rob Roy MacGregor for giving us a great web site full of wonderful resources!

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