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    Often trumpeters who stumble across my stuff on the internet email me with questions about playing and book recommendations. I'm jumping the gun on this with an unsolicted book recommendation.

    The book is titled Jazz Saxophone Etudes by Greg Fishman. I bought it because I dabble in tenor sax. However, these are FANTASTIC studies for trumpet! I mean this! FANTASTIC!

    If you read them as is, you're dealing with Dizzy range, but not unreasonable. Nothing really above E ust over high C (there is one F, but it is only a stab). The lines are gorgeous and imaginative. They'll definitley trigger new ideas in you.

    The book comes with two CD's; one with Greg playing the solos, and one with just the rhythm section.

    I can't over seel this. If you're looking for some new jazz material to work on, this stuff is just fantastic! Here is Greg's info.
    eamil: [email protected]

    Greg Fishman Jazz Studios
    824 Custer Avenue
    Evanston, Illinois 60202

    Phone: 847-334-3634

    Gerg's stuff is self published, so you'll need to contact him for this stuff, but it will be WELL worth the effort! Fishman is, without a doubt, one of the finest jazz tenor virtuosos out there and his ideas are amazing.

    Check it out, but drop my name! He'll get right back to you.

    Peace, all!

    Nick Drozdoff

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