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    The New York Trumpet Ensemble >> ALL PRAISE BE THINE
    directed by Mark Gould
    with special guest Dave Taylor
    and music by Peter Evans, Charles Mingus, Pixinguinha and improvisations by the NYTE

    Mark Gould, trumpet
    Peter Evans, trumpet
    CJ Camerieri, trumpet
    Dave Taylor, bass trombone
    Moppa Elliott, bass

    "In 2004, Peter, CJ,. Moppa and I started improvising together in a context that, for a lack of a better term, could be called ‘free'. We tried to avoid relying on ‘licks' and cliches. We were attempting to combine our disparate musical histories into a fresh and coherent musical language. A daunting challenge, perhaps a bit grandiose in intention but great fun nonetheless. Peter Evans brought in a lot of his music that served as a road map for much of our endeavor.

    We did a few gigs in clubs in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The music was well received and for the most part quite interesting. For me, after 30 years playing for the opera it was like undergoing a ritual purification. Music from a different universe will do that.

    In the middle of 2005, the NYTE invited bass trombonist, David Taylor to join the group. I have known Dave Taylor for 40 years and I thought it would be a perfect fit. New musical vistas opened right away. With the addition of a bass voice (and what a voice!) the band achieved a better musical balance. And a healthier spiritual balance. We laughed more. The young guys (Peter, CJ and Moppa) were entertained by our stories of the ‘good ol' days'. Taylor and I savored the youthful energy of our young colleagues. The music began to breathe.

    Here is a session from October 2005. I hope you enjoy the results.

    Special thanks go to Jon Nelson for making this project possible and to Brian McWhorter for his help in post production. And to both of them for cajoling me to overcome my reluctance to share the fruits of our labors."

    Mark Gould

    The album is available at and at

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