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    Greetings -

    On what is FINALLY going to be a great spring-like day, I bring the gift of music to you. "She Walks in Beauty," text by Lord Byron, is set for tenor, trumpet, and piano. A very pastorale setting, with both tenor and trumpet topping out at concert G on top of the staff. This will be premiered this coming Thursday evening on my recital. You can download the song PDFs at:

    Free Music from StewMuse

    Other works on that program include:

    Three Old English Songs
    1. Hark! The Echoing Air (Henry Purcell)
    2. O Come, My Dearest (Thomas Arne)
    3. Come and Trip It (G. F. Handel)

    Three Old American Songs (Adap. by Aaron Copland, arr. Stewart)
    1. The Walls of Zion
    2. At the River
    3. Ching-a-Ring Chaw

    Vacation Music (Michael Stewart)
    1. The Journey Begins
    2. Aren’t we there yet?
    3. Flying Kites at the Beach
    4. Leaving for Home
    5. Yay! We’re back!

    Variations on “Chester†(trumpet quartet, Arr. Stewart)

    Ballad of the Drunken Sailor (trumpet quartet, Arr. Stewart)

    Sound the Trumpets (trio played by big trumpet ensemble, Michael Stewart)

    Thursday, 7:30PM, Maine South High School Auditorium
    1111 South Dee Road
    Park Ridge, IL 60068

    Michael Stewart, DMA
    StewMuse Publications

    The answer is... AIR!

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