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    Brand new and ready to swing! (NOW - even though the site says March 1)

    JAZZ COMBO CHARTS, Vol. 2 (with Vol.3 coming soon!!!)

    A sample part is given on the above link so you can see the actual format.

    Price: $20.00 (shipping included to USA/Canada, others add $4.00)

    This volume of combo charts is available only on CD in PDF format. You will receive a CD containing all of the parts and scores for each song. Each tune is scored for FOUR horns and rhythm section. Parts will be included for multiple instrument combinations (not necessarily limited to the following):

    PART 1: C Flute or Oboe, Bb Trumpet or Clarinet, or Eb Alto Sax
    PART 2: Bb Trumpet or Clarinet, or Eb Alto Sax
    PART 3: Eb Alto Sax, Bb Tenor Sax, Trombone, Euphonium, or Bassoon
    PART 4: Trombone, Bb Tenor Sax, or Eb Bari Sax
    RHYTHM: Keyboard (Gtr/Vibes), Bass, and Drums

    The six songs in this volume are original songs that focus on the ii-V7-I progression.

    Minor 3rd Blues - a swing blues in Bb
    Playgrounds - a medium tempo swinger in Ab
    Quiet Afternoons - a gentle swing in Bb major
    Taking Time - a slow swing in A minor
    The Slide - a bossa nova in E minor
    Walks in the Sand - a bossa nova in C


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