New Method Books for Trumpet

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    Aug 14, 2009
    Mountain Peak Music announces three new books for trumpet:
    The Breathing Book
    by David Vining
    Regular Price:$19.95
    Introductory Sale Price: $17.95
    The Breathing Book gives accurate anatomical information about breathing with descriptions and images. After each fact is introduced, a playing activity insures that players integrate the information in musically meaningful ways.

    Flow Studies
    by David Vining
    Regular Price: $19.95
    Introductory Price: $17.95
    Flow Studies is the companion book to the Breathing Book. Once players learn the breathing information, Flow Studies reinforces the knowledge with studies designed to improve phrasing and musicality.

    Long Tone Duets
    by David Vining
    Regular Price: $15.95
    Introductory Price: $13.95
    Long Tone Duets encourages players to blend tone and intonation through a series of 23 duets combining unison and harmonized playing in every major key.

    All items are available at:

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