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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by erockent, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Solar Bell

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    In defernce to the post by Lovevioxen, I offer this.

    Jens Lindemann is one of the world's abosluet best trumpet players.
    Hands arguments.
    See his websites
    Jens Lindemann
    Jens Lindemann's Web Quarters
    BrassFire with Jens Lindemann

    Let's see what Jens had to say here on TM about large mouthpieces;

    Lovevixen, I believe your ideas are outdated and not well thought out. There are thousands of mouthpiece sizes because there are thousands of needs for different players.

    The original question dealt with a new mouthpiece for marching band. His director probab;y wants more brightness and range. Going big won't work for him.

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  2. ozboy

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    Jan 17, 2007
    My point exactly!!!!!!!
  3. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    Picking a mouthpiece by the numbers is just plain stupid!

    A 10C is a pretty good choice for the field if you get along with it otherwise. It should be pretty bright sounding and that makes real sense. I always have to smile when a player thinks that more power is of use outdoors. The only thing those players end up doing is WASTING themselves.

    My take on mouthpieces is that most players have NO IDEA what they really sound like to an audience and have visions of dark and powerful with big equipment. It just ain't so. Selecting the optimal mouthpiece has a lot to do with the type of gigs that you play. When I play lead in a salsa band, I use a smaller shallower piece to get more bite and sizzle in my sound. My symphony stuff shouldn't have that much sizzle in my opinion and I have a bigger, deeper cup for that. The problem is that a massive brass sound is not always appreciated by the rest of the orchestra (or conducter). It is our job to do the right thing and make sure that our concept serves the music and not the other way around. When I see major symphony orchestras with sound shields, I can't help but think that something is terribly wrong. It is possible that testosterone replaces common sense.............

    In any case, I had an orchestral rehearsal recently for 1812 and I played it on about the equivalent of a 7C (B6S Prana). It was actually quite fun and not so many of the cellists dove for cover at the end.
  4. Dale Proctor

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    You know, that's exactly the same conclusion I came to a little over a year ago. I've been a 3C player for many years, but it gave me a brighter sound than I like. I tried bigger, deeper mouthpieces that gave me the sound I wanted, but they were too much work to play. Then, I decided to try a Bach 6BM piece. It's sort of an "off-the-shelf custom" piece, having a 26 throat and 24 backbore. The smaller diameter, combined with the deeper "B" cup, does exactly as Jens says - the endurance, intonation, accuracy, and tone are great.

    BTW, I think the Bach 10-1/2C is a better mouthpiece than the 10C, and is nowhere close to being a "dime with a hole punched in it". In fact, it's a little deeper than the 3C.
  5. lovevixen555

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    Nov 5, 2008
    My son and I are trying out some proto-types from Picket Brass. My 10 year old sounds great on a new rim profile 3C. So take that for what it is worth. I am a come back player and I am loveing their 2C with No. 1 back bore which is really free blowing almost as free as you can get. I am going to try the hybrid BC cup design soon I think. So understand it is not like I am talking out my rear this has been an on going search for the perfect mouth piece. So far my sone and I have tried Reynolds 7A,Bach 7C,Yamah 14B4, Olds 3, and a 14A4a and so far Picket Brass has has surpassed them all for warm solid sound and at a loud level!
  6. Solar Bell

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    Take your choice...all different.


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    Hey, I kinda like the look of that silver one there ... no, no, the other silver one ..... no, the other one ..... OH! WHY DON'T YOU LISTEN ?
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    Apr 5, 2008
  9. Bob Grier

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    I've been teaching trumpet for 30 years. My experience for beginning players is that you need somthing that will let you develop your sound and range. Without being able to sit with you and listen to how you sound on different mpcs, I would suggest something in the middle range of sizes. using Bach as a reference something around a 7C or 6C should work for you. Try a Yamaha 11C4 or a Stork 5C. they are in that same size range. I would stay away from mpcs that are very small or very large until you've played for a couple of years
  10. Al Innella

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