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    Sep 21, 2005
    to be posted daily in alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.classical

    it is called "Ansermay of the Det"

    Get your daily Ansermet fix

    hear Longinotti and Michel Cuvit.

    Ansermet was the master of orchestral sound. He believed in the non sentimental way of playing Music. He was one of the 3 conductors that Toscanini spoke well of. What is most important is that he created his own orchestra and trained the hand picked players to play his way. It is a unique experience to find all 100 men on the same page. Beware, he did not believe in vibrato nor any effect to highlight the surface of the music. He strove to get to the heart and soul of the music. Stravinsky, DeFalla, Prokofiev, Britten and many others used him to conduct their world premieres. His dates are 1883-1969. He conducted L'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande for almost 50 years.

    The first installment is Liszt-the Huns


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