NEW RELEASE - DAILY STUFF for Trumpet by Don Owen

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    NEW RELEASE - DAILY STUFF for Trumpet by Don Owen

    We've just released the Special 50th Anniversary Edition of...

    DAILY STUFF for Trumpet - by Don Owen

    It's everything you need in one book to develop and maintain
    all aspects of trumpet playing at the highest levels, no matter
    what styles you play.

    Rated FIVE Stars! ... "DAILY STUFF" by Don Owen is a must-have
    book for all trumpet players (and all brass players too).

    Plus when you purchase "DAILY STUFF" you get this FREE Bonus
    MP3 Audio book "Trumpet Talk with Don Owen". You'll gain insights
    to all aspects of trumpet playing, musicianship and life.

    Get full details on the whole package and more complete info
    on Don Owen and his long and successful career as a professional
    trumpet player and teacher to many of America's finest trumpet
    players, and musicians who play other instruments as well.

    Go here now...

    Daily Stuff by Don Owen - trumpet studies and etudes

    As always, my best to you --

    Mark Hendricks
    MPH Music - Mark Hendricks - (for even more visit our site)
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    By the way, one of Don's former students is now Principal Trumpet with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, you may have heard of Tom Hooten?

    Mark Hendricks
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