New Tuning Slides Coming Out

Discussion in 'Horns' started by tom turner, Nov 10, 2003.

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    New Tuning Slides Coming Out
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    Flip Oakes noted on TH that he will be making 4 new tuning slides available for the Wild Thing Trumpet. The slides will be braceless versions of the tuning slides that have been available for some time. This should provide even more versatility to his trumpets.

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    Re: New Tuning Slides Coming Out
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    I think in a few days we will have a very exciting development on this forum. Buckle Up




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    Re: New Tuning Slides Coming Out
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    It's all Trptmaster's fault . . . he stayed on my case until I came aboard!

    Back to the slides . . .

    How exciting! Those who have played the Wild Thing Bb trumpets with all four slides already know it makes the horn actually four horns in one!

    Now, with the full complement of "J" slides, the WT trumpet has four more "voices" to use!

    "J" stands for Jazz, for Flip envisions that the "J" slides will be embraced by many in this style of music. Without the braces the "J" series blows differently . . . loosinging up (or making more slippery) the slots and giving it a tone and feel a lot like a Committee-style trumpet.

    The conventional WT slides with braces tightens the slots for a great all around sound and would be popular with the classical and all around players.

    The #1 and #2 were the only two originally and Flip includes these standard with each WT trumpet . . . and each is individually serial numbered to go to that specific instrument!

    The #1 is a full .470 slide with a huge, rich powerful sound, yet a sound that can be taken down to a soft whisper with full control and expression.

    The #2 starts at only .460 and flares late to .470 for a much tighter blow and a brighter, compact sound. This makes it great for a lot of symphonic and classical type playing.

    Later came the #3 and #4. This means the numbering sequence is off. From small to largest the slides actually go like this:

    #2--Brighter, more compact, more resistance to lean on when desired on certain gigs/accoustics.

    #3--Richer but with sizzle. Great projection and power and a tighter feel than the #1 but more open than the #2.

    #4--Powerful, rich sound with a touch of sparkle. This is an awesome slide for the lead book in a strong, large big band. It has a slight more resistance to lean on than the #1 and the touch of sparkle makes for a sterling sound with distiction.

    #1--Biggest, most open blow. Maximum power, boldness and richness. Fat, fat sound.

    Now, with thier "Jazz" counterpart slides, this will make the WT trumpet the most versatile trumpet out there!

    I'm expecting a batch of the new slides late this coming week (along with a new silver WT Bb trumpet for sale). I'll post a full review of the "J" series once I've had a chance to give 'em a full test drive!

    Please contact me for further information or for literature!


    Tom Turner
    US representative for Flip Oakes Wild Thing instruments

    [email protected]

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