New Years Eve & New Years Day Parades!!

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    My Strad made it from Newark International to Heathrow, on a ferry across the Channel, then on a bus to and around Paris, played great on December 30th for a Jazz Concert, then on New Years Eve in Chantilly, then on a bus back to Calais, over the Channel again, to London, played in the New Years Day Parade, and performed for all the lord mayors of England (!!!!) at the rewards ceremony in the jazz ensemble, and made it back frolm Heathrow to Newark in one piece! But anyway, the Jazz Ensemble was on fire when we performed at the reception after the parade!!! Our director never says we are good, always says we suck (he's joking of course, he constantly raises his standards) and that night he said we were awesome. We got a ton of compliments, and the room we were in (the Lord Mayor of West Minster's offices, in whitehall, right off the river) was acoustically PERFECT. . Very excited for this season! Our opening jazz show is the first weekend of september, and im hoping our director's good friend Jim Hines comes in like normal!!! But anyway here's the London Parade Video of our band! (im trying to find the chantilly parade one, and later ill post our jazz ones!):

    YouTube - Ramsey High School Big Blue Marching Band
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    Good job. It looked a bit chilly. Was that you on the front row of trumpets closest to the camera??
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    Great result - oh, how did the uniform stand-up to being in the cabin?
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    Come Backm Kid, yeah it was me! The shortest kid and trumpet in the band lol! It was pretty cold, but I was feeling the chop exhaustion more, after a long parade in Chantilly playing lead, my chops were crying. Over night me and the two others on lead, had to chug water like CRAZY!!!

    Oh and ted, the uniform came over fine, and Heathrow was a lot more respectful of our instruments (not a shock there) and made even my trumpet which weighed nothing with the light way case, an oversized instrument, and they specially checked all the equipment, and made sure it was put carefully underneath the plane!!! The uniform garment bags were huge, and mine weighed more then my trumpet, and was a lot bigger, but they still let them on for some reason...........
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